This beach was a very pleasant surprise for us. The way to get to Agia Kiriaki, coming from Neos Marmaras, is to pass the Hotel Porto Carras and after five km you will turn right on the road that takes you away from the main road, in the direction towards the sea.

You will see there the board with the sign for Areti camping, St. George Hotel and a few other accommodations that will serve you as a guideline. Here you turn right and just continiue straight downhill until you get to the sea and there you will turn right once again. After a very short ride along the coastline you will get to this beach.
You can park your car on the widening along the road, and go to the beach by foot.

The beach is 500m long, tucked in and protected by rocks so the sea is always calm, without waves and ideal for swimming and tying boats.
The beach is narrow and in one part, closer to the road, it has natural shade. If you visit Agia Kiriaki in the early morning or in the low season you have a big chance oftaking this place.
In the back there is Stavros camp and tavern Tonis as well as cute coffe shop at the beginning of the beach with nice garden and panoramic view of the bay.
The beach is sandy, but as you go into the sea you will have shallow water and pebbles first few meters. After that the depth increases, for the swimmers. This beach is interesting for diving, because as you move away from the coast you have more seaweed that attracts different species of marine life.
From Agia Kiriaki you will have a straight view on the island Kelifos that reminds of a turtle. Also, here you can enjoy beautiful sunsets.
For dining we recommendtavern Panos that is a five minute ride along the coastline away from Agia Kiriaki. Here you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and sunset as well as the tasty food.

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