The beach is located on the west side of Sithonia, in the forested area that still hides a myriad of smaller and larger bays less known to tourists. This gives it a particular charm especially if you are not fan of popular and fancy beaches. In the back of the beach there is a large parking space which is partly in the shade.

When you go from Neos Marmaras, five kilometers after Porto Carras, turn right at the signboard of Camping Areti and Saint George Hotel. Take that road all the way to the sea, then turn left and after 3km ride by the sea and through quite a picturesque landscape you will come to the beach in front of Hotel Poseidon, and shortly thereafter to the beach Stiladario known as Las Bandidas due to the name of the bar and restaurant placed there.

Beach bar Las Bandidas offers a reed umbrellas and sunbeds to visitors. On this beach, there is a mandatory minimum consumption of €10 plus €5 to pay for the rental of the sunbed itself. Immediately upon arrival, you pay full amount per person and receive a voucher for €10, which you can use to order drinks or food later.

Sunbeds are placed at enough distance one from the another so allows you more privacy and space than in other beach bars in Sithonia. The music is relaxing, slow and not too loud. Bar is known for its Hispanic festivals that are organised 4 times a year, but also for evening parties. The whole ambiance is in latino style and is very friendly.

Bar offers drinks and food, so it is strictly prohibited to bring with you drink, food or even water. In addition to coffee and cocktails you can order sandwiches, seafood specialties, spaghetti, pizza, etc. The owners emphasize that fruits and vegetables are organic, grown in their garden.

The owners and bar staff are mainly assessed as unfriendly towards its guests from the perspective of visitors. We have no such experience, but we can not tell that neither their attitude towards guests impressed us, nor food, but everything was acceptable. If you comply with their conditions, which means not bring any food or drinks from outsides to the bar and at beach chairs, you will have a good relaxation on this beach.

If you have your own beach equipment, both left and right sides of the bar have enough space to set up your own towels and umbrellas, and there is also a lot of natural shade. In this part of the beach access to the water is rocky and worse than in front of the bar, where the entrance has been cleared of rocks. Otherwise, the cost of the beach is sandy at the entire length, but rocky inside the water. The part of the beach that is not organized has two sandy paths (left side of the beach) between the stones which lead to the sand. There are several rows of pine trees that offer deep shade in this non organized part of the beach. The water is here rich with underwater nature so diving can be very interesting.

All in all we recommend this beach to swimmers, to those who appreciate a little more isolated beaches, natural shade lovers, snorkeling and relaxation without crowds. This part is not an ideal one for small children.

There are several similar completely wild beaches near to this one, that you can visit in one day, but you can also go to the famous fish tavern Panos that is nearby.

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