Salonikou beach is located on the northeast coast of Sithonia (north of Ormos Panagias). When you go from Ormos to Pirgadikia you reach the beach in about ten minutes. The beginning of the beach is at the board with the inscription Krotiri Resort.

Along the beach there are a large number of accommodation facilities, each of which has a part of the beach for its guests directly in front of the accommodation.
The beach has two cafes with deck chairs, accommodation facilities have parasols for their guests but there is also plenty of space for those who have their own equipment.

The beach is not in an attractive place, that is, it is not on the way to popular places and beaches, so it is not too visited. It is perfect for those who want peace.

The sea is very clean in this part, the depth gradually increases, and then it decreases and the shallows appear again. The first few meters in the water are pebbles, and then fine sand.

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