Platanitsi is situated about 3 km away north of Sarti. It’s the first nice beach that you will come across when going from Sarti to Vourvourou along the east coast. The beach is a part of a camp with the same name.

The beach is marked well and it has a board that’s easy to spot from the highway. Entry is free for everyone who wants to walk to the beach and camp. If you want to enter by car and park in the camp, you need to pay an entrance fee of 3.5€.
Parking is available in front of and inside the camp. If you park in front, from the entrance ramp to the beach there is a 200-meter path through a beautiful forest that you will cross on foot. The road that branches off to the right leads to Africafe, and the road that goes straight leads to the central part of the beach.

Africafe is a popular and very visited beach bar. Sunbeds are included with an ordered drink but the minimal consumption price is 25€ per set. The bar is decorated nicely and with taste, in bright and pastel shades, with comfortable sofas to relax in. The only thing that may disturb you is the loud music, so we wouldn’t recommend this bar for those who wish to relax in peace and to families with smaller children, but it’s perfect for everyone who loves some good, loud music and a more lively atmosphere.

Platanitsi is a big beach, so it offers plenty of free space for everyone with their own equipment.

The beach has lifeguards, toilets, showers.

In the middle part of the beach there is a passing channel that usually dries up during the summer, and on the left side of the beach there are mainly campers and considering that the beach is quite narrow in that part, there is less space for other visitors. Behind the rocks on the left side there are several smaller coves and a slightly bigger one where you can be a bit more isolated.

The right part of the beach is nicer, wider, more visited and there you can fin shade, so we recommend going there.

The beach itself is around 550 m long, sandy on the shore and in the water. The depth is gradual with no long shore and it’s suitable for swimmers. The sand is bright and the sea is turquoise.

When there is wind, which happens relatively often, the beach has waves. They usually appear at the same time as waves on Sarti’s city beach.

The beach is very nice, and in our opinion one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast of Sithonia. The ideal time to visit it is in June and September when it’s not crowded, but it’s worth visiting during the season as well. Since Sithonia has many good beaches, this is one of them, and we recommend you to visit it.

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