Platanitsi is located about 3 km north of Sarti. It is the most beautiful beach that belongs to Sarti and the holder of the Blue Flag. Admission to the beach is under the control of the same named camp – Platanitsi.

The beach is well marked and on the main road you will easily spot the panel in which it is necessary to turn. If you are staying on the beach for more than two hours in the season it is necessary to pay the entrance that is 1.5E per person. Admission is free after half September. From theramps for entrance to the beach, the path leads through a beautiful forest of 200 meters, which you will have to cross by foot.

The road that branches off to the right leads to Africafe, and a path that goes straight leads the central part of the beach. Africafe is a very popular beach bar and very well visited. Sunbeds are included with the drink. The bar is situated in deep shade, measured and decorated with taste, in bright and pastel shades, with comfortable sofas to relax in. What disturb is only the loud music, so our recommendation for lovers of peace and families with small children is not to come here, but it is perfect for those who like to enjoy the beach with good music. Nearby there is another bar where the set of sunbeds with a parasol costs five euros, and there is no music.

Platanitsi is a great beach, and on it there is plenty of free space for everyone to have their own equipment.The beach has lifeguards, restrooms, showers. Toilets are not in the best condition, but in any case better version of the Toi-Toi mobile toilets which are located in many beaches in Halkidiki.In the middle of the beach there is a passing channel that usually dries up during the summer, and on the left side of the beach are mainly campers and considering that the beach in this part is quite narrow, there is less room for other visitors. Behind the wall on the left side there are several smaller bays and one where you can be more isolated. The right part of the beach is nicer, wider and more visited and we recommend this place. The beach itself is around 550m long, sandy on the shore and in the water. Depth is gradual from the beginning and is suitable for swimmers. The sand is bright and the sea is turquoise. When there is wind, the water gets a little wavy.

The beach is very beautiful, and in our opinion, one of the most beautiful on the eastern coast of Sithonia. It is ideal for a visit in June and September when there are no crowds, but even in high season it is worth paying a visit here.

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