Pirgadikia is in the far north of Sitonia and it is the least visited part of the peninsula, making the beaches in this area ideal for everyone who enjoys beaches and bays without crowd. All the beaches from Trani Ammoude to Prgadiki are like this.

Driving form Ormos Panagias to the north, towards the Pirgadiki, you will be encountering the beach Schinia first, after which fallow Pirgos, Eleonas, Salonikiou, Krotiri, Assa Maris, etc.

Schinia, Pirgos and Eleonas are without any tourist facilities, and in the back of Eleonas beach (two bays are known by this name) there aren’t any private houses or houses for rent, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you find yourself alone on this beach even in the high season.
Salonikiou, Krotiri and Assa Maris are located in the plain region with a lot of accommodation. Beaches are a few hundred meters long, very close to each other and in the back they have a lot of private houses and houses for rent. Sunbeds and umbrellas are just located in front of one or two hotels one the beach. On Salonikiou beach there is a great bar called Sirocco, with pleasant atmosphere and slow music for relaxation and enjoyment, while on the Assa Maris beach there is one restaurant.

The most beautiful beach of these mentioned above is Salonikiou which has sandy, long shallow water and a bit of natural shade.

A few hundred meters after Assa Maris beach, even from the main road you will be able to see a wild bay with no name, which has beautiful and crystal clear water. In the widening above the beach you can park your vehicle, and then by foot get down to the beach walking on the steep 200 m long road. This path is not good for the children, becauseit’s very steep. On the beach there are small pebbles, and in the water sand. The best part of the beach is the right side, when you are looking towards the sea, because there are no rocks on the entrance to the water. However, not even in the left part that the rocks areslipperyorunpleasant. The water is crystal clear and the sand on the bottom is very bright, almost completely white, so this beach is ideal for diving. Considering that this beach is hard to reach and very low comparing to the road, stay on this beach will give you a feeling like you are in some secluded place. It is necessary to bring your own food and drinks if you plan on staying on this beach, as well as an umbrella because there is no natural shade.

Between this beach and Pirgadiki there are 3 or 4 beautiful bays more, with no name, where you can also enjoy in peace, without many people around.
Proximity of Pirgadiki can be used to visit some of the taverns that are famous for its fresh fish.

All of the mentioned beaches are a great choice if you want to relax and enjoy in peace even in the high season.

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