Diaporos Island is the largest island in the archipelago of nine islands that belong to Sithonia.
These islands are closest to the town Vourvourou, obscure it, thus enabling the islands to always have calm waters.

Diaporos Island is less known to our tourists, but so many tourists from all over the world come to Sithonia only because of the turquoise waters and beautiful beaches that this island offers.

How to get there?

Different agencies in Halkidiki offer organized cruises to the island of Diaporos, which are certainly beautiful, but we recommend an independent tour of this jewel of Sithonia. In the city of Vourvourou there are many agencies for motor boats, for one or more days, with which you can visit the island. Price is from 70 to 110€ per boat for the whole day as they say,and it is the period from 09 to 17:30h. The smallest boat can accommodate up to 4 people and costs 70 euros for a day, while for 5 persons costs 110e. Of course there are more luxurious boats that cost several hundred euros per day, you can find out on the spot or by telephone.

The most favorable boats are rated 25 horsepower, and you don’t need a driving license to rent a boat up to 30 horsepower. Spent fuel is subsequently paid by the record of how much you spent from a full tank that you get in the beginning. Management of the boat without a license is very simple, so after a 5-minute explanation you get when renting you are ready to embark on the adventure yourself. The boats certainly cannot be driven fast, so behind the wheel can be found and children as great captains in the case of the calm sea. This possibility that all passengers can try out the ride certainly contributes to a well spent day.

Diaporos is not tourist developed and except for a few private villas on it there are no other facilities. For this reason, when departing from the agency, you will receive a small mobile fridge in which you can pack food and water.

We have to mention that the boat rental is necessary to plan in advance, because it often happens that you must wait 3 to 4 days for an available boat, and at the height of the season even more. Given that, according to us, a tour of the island Diaporos one of the most beautiful days that can be spent in Sithonia and we recommend that you get yourself a boat for a date that suits you immediately upon arrival. When booking it is necessary to pay 30% of the amount as a deposit which is returned if you cancel your reservation up to one day before departure. There is no possibility of returning the deposit in case of cancellation on the day of departure. About he conditions of cancellation is definitely best to ask at the agency when booking, because there are differences from agency to agency.

Once you embark on the mainland immediately experiencing Myrsini beach. We left it for the end, but you can also visit at the very beginning. We wanted to take this little ride, to gain an impression of the size of the island and its surroundings, and then to make small stops.

Follow the route marked on the map you will get at the agency and so that can avoid the rocky headlands in the sea, but the boat is very slow anyway, so there is almost no chance that you encounter a shoal or on another boat, but be careful.

When we came across the Blue Lagoon we have not resisted to not make a break. Blue Lagoon is something that is really rarely seen and what cannot be described in words. Vastness of the sea, like a huge swimming pool between the islands of Diaporos and Agios Isidoros with turquoise, sparkling, shallow water. Swimming in the natural pool will forever remain one of the best memories. There is also a smallish beach so you can stay on it, and have a swim in the Blue Lagoon, which is indeed a joy for all senses. The sea bottom is completely covered by rocks, shells, and diving is very interesting because of its rich marine world.

After this fantastic experience, you can extend further and make stops to a few beaches, but considering that they are, in our view, nothing compared to Myrsini beach that lies ahead of us or Lagonisi which is close to us, we decided that we will not make stops and will not waste time but to proceed straight to the beach Lagonisi.

Lagonisi beach can be reached by land, of course, but the boat is a nice experience. Long shoal, white sand, surreal bright-blue water, clean and clear, so beautiful…

Given that we wanted once again to enjoy the Blue Lagoon, we didn’t make a circle around the island, we have already decided to go back the same way we came and went again to the Blue Lagoon.

After two hours of enjoyment there with a heavy heart we left and headed toward the beach Myrsini. What we saw there was a new and pleasant surprise. Myrsini Beach and it’s beauty was beyond all our expectations. Although we have heard that some tourists consider it to be the most beautiful beach in the whole of Halkidiki, we did not expect that it would be so beautiful and special. Water color is a gentle blue, with white sand, small bays, beautiful and rounded walls. This beach is indeed one of the most beautiful bays in Sithonia.

We returned the boat to the agency in 2 minutes to 18h,full of impressions and delighted by what we saw.

Tour of Sithonia would definitely not be complete if we had not visited the island of Diaporos.

There is a possibility that there are beautiful beaches and the city Diaporos that we missed to see because we were enchanted by the blue lagoon and spent most of the time, but we’re not sorry. It was worth it.

Upon returning we paid fuel. A full tank costs 35 euros and is sufficient to visit the island 3 times if you take a boat with 15 horses(the weakest). Our fuel cost only 10e, and when the next time we rented a somewhat larger boat we paid 15e.

Some of the boat rental agencies.

None of them have our special recommendation, so it is best to contact as many of them as possible to see who offers the best conditions.

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