Vathi is pretty narrow and sandy wild beach. Not organized, and it has no sunbeds or showers. The sea is unrealistically clear and transparent, and shoal is long.

It's characterized by soft and bright and like flour fine sand, so the water is bright blue, and in the afternoon it's emerald green because of the lush vegetation in hinterland.

The beach is rarely crowded, because the road that leads to is not the best one. It's about 7,5km from Limenas. The road toward it leads next to the Makriamos and Saliara beach. When you get to Saliara, continue straight forward along the coast, after 500m you'll pass by Porto Vathy beach, and 1,5km later you'll reach Vathi beach. The path to Saliara and Porto Vathi was repaired in 2015, so you can easily go by car down to this beaches.

It takes another five minutes of quite easy drive along the gravel road from Porto Vathy to Vathi beach. In the hinterland of the beach it's just abandoned hotel and plenty of woods. If you visit this beach in June or September, it can happen that you're completely alone. If you are adventurous and like to enjoy nature, Vathi beach will remain like the most beautiful memory.

Take a look at this video clip from Vathi beach on our Youtube channel.