This post is meant firstly for those who are spending their summer vacation on Thasos for the first time. I will list the most important places you should visit, the beaches to swim at... in other words, what to do during the first 10 days. In case you don't return to Thasos (which I wish didn’t happen-)), at least you can say that you saw the most important things there are to see.So, when it comes to bigger places, make sure you visit Limenas, Potos and Limenaria.
- the mountain villages: Teologos and Panagija.
- the beaches: Paradise beach, Golden Beach, Makryammos, Marble beach, Alyki, Psili Ammos, Trypiti, Pachis. - visit the gold factory Iris Gold.
- try lamb and nuts in honey (whole nuts, with the shell). - buy cold pressed oil made on Thhasos. - visit the monastery of St. Archangel Michael. - visit the village of Kazaviti and try lamb there. - go to a Greek night and on a cruise. - visit archeological museum in Limenas. - take a day visit for Kavala.