Is there a reason to choose the west coast as your base during the summer holidays in Thassos? Of course it does.

The west coast is about 30 kilometers long, and there are several small charming fishing villages. Each of these places has its own beach, a few shops, restaurants and cafes. The west coast is ideal for summer if you want to relax in a less developed tourist village with decent beaches, without a lot of tourists.

When you go from Limenas to the west, you are coming to Skala Rachoni, a lovely little place with vast fields of olive trees, beautiful sandy beaches with natural shade, “Latsouris” large supermarket supply, no nightlife and tourist attractions, ideal for those who want real peace. The advantage of this place is its proximity to the most famous beach with natural shade - Pachis beach.

After Skala Rachoni comes Skala Prinos. It is a small port-city with a beach several kilometers long. The best part of Skala Prinos is Dasilio forest area, full of pine trees, parks and paths, benches on the shore, organized parts. The road from the town center leads to a beautiful mountain village Kazaviti and monastery dedicated to St. Panteleimon offering a fantastic view of the Prinos and Kavala in the distance. The only place on this island that has a market is Prinos and the market day is Monday.

Skala Sotiros is also a tourist place on the west coast of Thassos. Quiet place with beautiful sandy beach, quiet little harbor, a beautiful promenade along the sea, without the crowds and lots of traffic.

Skala Kalirachi is the least visited tourist place on the west coast. It features nice homes for rent that are literally only a meter away from the water. This place has all the requirements for a perfect vacation with the waves sound that can be heard from the bedroom.

Skala Maries (or Skala Marion) is the best known and most picturesque fishing village on the island. With three beaches it is a very popular choice for summer with tourists who want to experience the charm of the old Greek fishing village. The place has three beaches, two of them are sandy (Atspas and Sunset beach) and one is rocky (city beach), two shops, a bakery, a butcher shop… pretty much all you need for a vacation in the right sense of the word.

If you are a Greece lover, the peaceful rural atmosphere of the coast, the calm sea, beautiful sunsets that only west coast can offer, then the west coast of Thassos can be an ideal choice for your summer vacation.

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