Skala Sotiros a little place on the west coast of the island. It has a population of 300 inhabitants.
The place is not an attractive tourist destination, but it is developing in recent years. Now there are about 20 properties, a little sandy, organized, public beach, several taverns and fast food restaurants, several small supermarkets, shops and tavernas.
Everything is tailored to a small number of residents and tourists.

Right of  the beach, is a small harbor for fishing boats and little boats and walkway.

Skala Sotiros is located at the foot of the village Sotiros, which has about 500 inhabitants, of which 99% foreigners (Germans, Dutch and English).

Skala Sotiros has no interesting content for children, there is no nightlife or entertainment. It is a place that is ideal for families looking for a real vacation, away from traffic, noise, hustle, yet not too far from the major places that you can go out in the evening.

It can also serve as a base for visiting the rest of the islands and beautiful beaches. The famous beach Pahis is 20 kilometers from Skala Sotiros, Skala Maries 10km, 5km Prinos, Limenaria 15km, 20km Potos.

The place is also well known for its beautiful sunsets.