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  • Baby cot on request
  • Internet access
  • Garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Quiet location
  • Air conditioner
  • Sandy Beach
  • In the town center
  • TV
  • Recommended

Our description

Hotel Macedon, a three star hotel, is located near the center of Limenas, 300 meters from where the ferries dock at the new port (the street that leads directly to the new port, in part where passengers and vehicles load and unload), near the high school in Limenas. From the town center hotel is located about a kilometer, and from the town beach about a kilometer and a half. Nearest beach is the Vournelis (less than 400 meters), but it is not so promising and popular (situated at right from the ferry landing, in front of Vournelis hotel). About a kilometer from the hotel, in extension to the Vournelis beach, is the beautiful beach Tarsanas.

It is nicely arranged hotel complex, with larger yard full of greenery, with a pool in the shape of the foot, with a Jacuzzi in one part of the pool, a bar and a restaurant by the pool, with a playground, reception, dining room and double and triple rooms.

All rooms are air conditioned, have televisions, mid-sized refrigerators, private bathrooms with shower and balcony overlooking the courtyard or the street. Nothing luxurious, but very decent and clean. According to the owner, renewing of the furniture is planned.

Cleaning is done every day, while towels and bed linen are changed every 2-3 days.

In the hotel restaurant you can dine even if you did not pay for accommodation with food, as meals are also prepared by order.

The pool is nice, big, foot-shaped, with a Jacuzzi in one area, with deck chairs and parasols. It is open from 8 to 20 hours.

Parking is available just on the street, at lateral side of the hotel.

Owner's description

At the geographical center of the village, away from the noise of the commercial center, but only within 5 minutes walk, less than 300 meters from the main port (ferry) and in between the two sandy beaches, it is located Hotel Macedon. Very close to the hotel and on a walking distance of five hundred meters or less you can find super markets, gas station, news paper kiosk, snack-bars, restaurants, coffee shops and other points of interest.

After exiting the new port from the right exit go straight. (If you are exiting the new port from the left exit turn right and at the first left). You will pass the bus station at your right. Go straight for 300 meters (1000 ft), pass the school to your right and you will see the Hotel Macedon at your left.

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    Eva05.05.2016 18:09:01

    Postovani, potreban nam je 2 bedroom suite, sa doruckom, avgust, porodica sa dvoje dece. parking obavezan


    Darko Đuragin02.03.2016 12:30:54

    Poštovani, šta je uključeno u cenu 4 Bed Apartment BB u periodu 01.07-11.07 (da li je to pun pansion) ako jeste, koja je cena noćenja sa doručkom?


    Schultz02.07.2015 02:21:15

    Postovani. Zanima me 15.7. do 29.7. Dvoje odraslih i deca 2 i 9 godin (tri kreveta). Nocenje sa doruckom ili polupansion. Hvala

    • Nevena02.07.2015 18:05:39

      Postovani, odgovor smo Vam poslali na mail. Pozdrav


    momcilo.dj13.05.2015 20:18:40

    Postovani zanima me smestaj u ovom hotelu od 1.septembra, 12 nocenja. Cetvoroclana porodica, beba od 5 meseci i dete od 2,5 god. Za bebu imamo svoj krevetac a drugo dete bi moralo da spava sa nama u krevetu. Koji app. ili studio i po kojoj ceni za noc u tom periodu je raspolozivo? Hvala

    • Nevena14.05.2015 10:49:24

      Postovani, odgovor smo Vam poslali na mail. Pozdrav


    marija miric21.02.2015 17:07:52

    koja bi cena bila za ovaj hotel u periodu od 01.07 do 10.07 za dve porodice sa dvoje dece?porodica 1porodica deca10 i 14 god 2.porodica deca od 3 i 6 god. da li ima popust za rane uplate?.pozdrav

    • Dusan25.02.2015 10:42:41

      Postovani, U hotelu Macedon, nazalost, mogu da ponude, samo jednu dvokrevtenu sa extra krevetom po ceni od 65e i jedan 2bedroom suite po ceni od 100e po danu. Cena je za noc sa doruckom. Pozdrav


    Nataša ( 21:30:34

    Postovani, Ima mesta za sada, tako da mozete popuniti upit na nasem sajtu! pozdrav


    Goran Skrobonja14.06.2013 21:23:36

    Postovani, Da li ima mesta u ovom hotelu u periodu od 15.07. do 25.07. (10 nocenja)? Potrebne su dve sobe na bazi nocenja sa doruckom. Goran


    Ђикела15.03.2012 10:47:55

    Био сам са супругом и бебом прошле године у хотелу. За хотел могу само дати похвале: чисто је, уредно, а власници хотела су најпријатнији Грци које сам упознао. За бебу су купили креветац и столицу. Свима најтоплије препоручујем хотел, а ми поново одлазимо тамо ове године