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the best restaurants and dishes on sithonia  (16)
Published July 6, 2018 no comments

The best restaurants in Sithonia

We are used to fantastic food on Thassos and in Thessaloniki, so we expected nothing less from Sithonia. Our expectations are only partially fulfilled, but we will give it another chance. What we would put under the list "try for sure" is described in the following text. In Sarti, we would point...

which place to choose on sithonia neos marmaras halkidiki  (14)
Published October 20, 2015 no comments

Which place to choose on Sithonia?

What place for summer vacation to choose on Sithonia, is a frequently asked question that is not easy to answer, because it all depends on personal preferences. On this occasion, we will make a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each town in Halkidiki, so you can...

Trani Ammouda beach 2
Published May 17, 2014 1 comment

Trani Ammouda beach

Trani Amoudia or Livrohio which is its second name, is situated nearby Ormos Panagias. This big sandy beach is one of the best on Sitonia. You can expect to sea the turquoise and crystal clean sea, the fine and smooth sand, with more enough space to put your parasols...

Talgo beach 10
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Talgo beach

Talgo beach is located 3.5 km south from Ormos Panagias (on the way to Vourvourou). It is well marked so there is no chance you will miss it. You turn left when you get to the board with the sign Talgo (it will stand on the left side of...

lagonisi beach sithonia 1
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Lagonisi beach

Lagonisi is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. Until recently, wild, and since 2015 has been officially organized, a big part of the beach belongs to the bar. It is located 2km from Ormos Panagias on the way to Vourvourou. It is well marked so you can easily...

ormos panagias sithonia chalkidiki (1)
Published April 17, 2014 no comments

Ormos Panagias

Ormos Panagias is a small place on the eastern coast of Sithonia. It was named after the church devoted to the Saint Mother of God (in greek Panagia) that has been preserved since the period of Byzathium. The place is best known for the fact that all...

Beaches in the area of Pyrgadikia 3
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Beaches in the area of Pyrgadikia

Pirgadikia is in the far north of Sitonia and it is the least visited part of the peninsula, making the beaches in this area ideal for everyone who enjoys beaches and bays without crowd. All the beaches from Trani Ammoude to Prgadiki are like this. Driving form Ormos Panagias to...

schinia beach sithonia (1)
Published October 19, 2015 no comments

Schinia beach

Driving from Ormos Panagias to Pirgadiki, after 4 km you turn right (at the sign for Elisabeth Apartments) and you continue driving towards the coastline where you turn left on the dusty road. Go till the end of that road and you will find Schinia beach. This beach is visited...