Lagonisi is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki.
Beach is organized, a big part of the beach belongs to the bar. It is located 2km from Ormos Panagias on the way to Vourvourou.

How to reach the beach

It is well marked so you can easily find it. Once you turn from the main road at the sign that says “Lagonisi”, you find the first parking close to the beach bars where you can park if you plan to use their beach chairs and umbrellas, and if you extend to the right dirt road you will find space for free parking with no obligation to the bar. If you have your own equipment, you can set it at right side from the bar, where a part of the beach is reserved

Entrance to the beach is paid, and the price depends on which row by the sea you want to sit. If you decide to sit on deckchairs in the first row by the sea, the entrance fee will be €15 per person, in the second and third row, renting deckchairs costs €10 per person, while the entrance to the rest of the beach is €5 per person.
This price includes sitting on deckchairs under an umbrella, use of their parking lot, toilets, showers and internet. Part of the parking lot is in the shade, but there are very few places, so if you want to find that spot, you have to be early.
Bringing in food and drinks is not allowed, but all food and drinks consumed on the beach must be ordered at the bar.

This beach has another bay, which is located to the right of the bar and it is available to all visitors. The beach has very fine sand and sandy-bottom, long and beautiful turquoise shallow water.

The water is very clear, crystal clear, and because of the bright colors and the sand itself has a delicate, light blue color. Because of the island Diaporos across from the island, the bay is protected from the wind and is thus usually more calm and without waves. Over the weekend, the crowd increases, so it is best to visit on weekdays and early in the morning, to find a suitable place for you and your family. On the beach there are a lot of children, so the beach is not recommended for those who like to enjoy peace and quiet, with a book or a nap :-)

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Take a look at this video clip from Lagonisi beach on our Youtube channel.