Klimataria is one of the TOP 10 beaches in Halkidiki. Klimataria is the last beach on the coast that belongs to Sykia. The last and the most beautiful. Southern from Sykia follow the road that leads to the coast and after passing next to two small beaches that are very similar to each other (LinarakiPigadaki) you will see a third Tourkolimnionas where the road ends.

Just before it you will see a path that branches off to the right and upward. Drive with care about a kilometer and you will be atKlimataria beach. The road is narrow and goes along the cliff. When you come to a large Sikia beach, turn right across the cobbled road that takes you to the sea next to the two smaller beaches (LinarakiPigadaki i) each of which deserves to be visited at least once. After one kilometer you will see a third Tourkolimnionas beach where the road ends just before her have that separates the right and uphill on Klimataria beach. Here you are on one of the most exciting roads in Halkidiki as you drive high above the sea and through the relatively narrow road so drive slowly and carefully. After 1.5km you will be able to see more of the beach from above, and many will certainly make a stop here to do a few photos as a souvenir because the view of the bay where the beach is, is really great. From this vantage point you continue and the road will take you under an overpass to Klimataria beach .Even from the above you will notice the beautiful color of the water and want to jump in as soon as you get on the beach. The water is turquoise and crystal clear, the sand fine and there is plenty of shallow water for children. The walls around the beach are smooth and beautiful. The beach isvery visited due to its beauty so count on the crowded beach and very densely arranged sunbeds. A smaller part of the beach is available for visitors with their own equipment.Right next to the beach there are several restaurants and plenty of space for parking. This beach has toilets and showers. If you do not like the crowd, visit the beach very early in the morning, but make it mandatory on the list to visit during the summer vacation in Sithonia.

Take a look at this short video from this beach.