Ammoudia is a small town on the coast in the region of Preveza. It's only 17km away from Parga. The town has several hotels and villas for renting and a large and wide sandy beach. Along the beach is the famous delta of the river Acheron.

Ammoudia beach is sandy with a very long shallow. Around Parga are mostly pebble beaches, but Ammoudia is a real refreshment, especially for families with small children for whom the shallow at this beach is a paradise.

On the left side of the beach there is a plenty of natural shade, which is usually used by campers. The beach is long and wide enough that there is room and space for a relaxing stay for all visitors, bith for those who use sunbeds and for those who have their own equipment. Several cafes offer two sunbeds and parasol for 5e with two coffees. This beach doesn't have a turquoise colour of the sea, but the sea is clear and clean and the sand is very fine. The beach is sometimes windy, and the sunsets are beautiful. There is enough space for parking along the beach.

If you want an active day on the beach, you could rent a kayak with a guide or on your own and go down by the phenomenal river Acheron to the sea. The river is calm and shallow so you could relax in the shade of trees along the river and observe a variety of aquatic life (water turtles, beavers and otters) and photograph. Kayaking is suitable for small children since the river is calm.

There are taverns and cafes along the beach, where you could enjoy a good food and refreshing drinks. If you want a peaceful beach without the crowd, perfect for children and non-swimmers, Ammoudia is a great choice around Parga and Preveza.