Alonaki Fanariou beach is located in the region of Preveza and from Parga is only 24km away and 30km from Preveza. It is a small but beautiful beach, a real perl of this region.

Small, hidden and tucked cove, with a beautiful emerald sea and lots of natural shade in hot summer days. An oasis of natural beauty and peace. There is enough space for parking near the beach, because it's surrounded by woods.

There are no other facilities on the beach apart from the canteen where you could buy anything from fast food and drinks. The sea is emerald and crystal clear, perfect for diving, especially along the rocks. The depth is gradual, and the coast and the bottom of the sea it's pebble. At two meters from the coast there are also rocks. The beach is more suitable for swimmers than for the children, because there is no long shoal, but also is good for the families with children due to the shade. It is rare to come across to such a lovely and unorganised beach, therefore the Alonaki is different from the rest.

Exactly in the middle of the bay, across from the beach is a small island to which one you could swim. The rocks are suitable for jumping.

If you are coming from Preveza, we recommend that you turn off the highway to the left at coordinates 39.199360, 20.520650 and then drive by the dirt road to the beach. This way you will enjoy the beautiful view points and have a very pleasant ride through the woods.