Kassandra peninsula has a very beautiful coast, but it's often undervalued in relation to Sithonia and Thassos. The reason for thats is not entirely unjustified, because the urbanization and construction of hotels on the coast disrupted the natural appearance of the coast, and some of its most beautiful parts became less available to visitors. An example of this is the area of Sani, Kallithea and then the coast between Kriopigi and Kallithea.

Kassandra is not so well known for its beaches, but for those who like to explore there are certainly nice ones worth of visiting and where you can enjoy. These beaches are less than on Sithonia but there are enough for a meaningful holiday. Here are some of them that we think are are the best.

Sani Beach mostly belongs to the luxury hotel complex Sani Resort. It's one of the most beautiful beaches of Kassandra, with white sand, shoal and turquoise sea, and near the beach there's a protected area for rare birds that have found their habitat here. The only part that's available to visitors who are not guests of the complex is located in front of Anemos cafe. This part is often crowded, especially on weekends when Thessalonians arrive. In the season parking place is charged 20e (along with the entrance to the complex), while free parking is possible at 400-500m from the beach. Resort is worth a visit, you should walk the landscaped park, visit a church and a luxury marin, and swim on a really beautiful beach. At Sani beach you can experience a nice sunset. Sani is one of the examples of beaches that are truly on top, and can stand on line with any beach of Sithonia, but the most of it, unfortunately, belongs to the hotel.

Siviri is also on the west coast of Kassandra. This place is famous for its long beach and fine sand, and is ideal for families with children. The seaside promenade is beautifully arranged, so you can spend a nice day during the summer on the beach in Siviri.

Aigeopelagitika is one of the most beautiful beaches of Kassandra. Located in Possidi, it's a few kilometers long and very wide beach. It's sandy with a gradual depth and shoal. The beach is in the lee, so the sea is always calm. Here you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets. It's arranged, but it has much more space for visitors with their own equipment. The beach is never crowded because it is very large, so you can always enjoy the peace. There is a well-known and very popular bar Cocus.

Possidi Cape (Faros) beachin Possidi is actually a sandbar that stretches deep into the sea. It's a really interesting part of the coast, a miniature sandy peninsula. Vehicles are parked at the beginning of the sandbar, in the vicinity of the camp and the famous lighthouse, and then the journey continues on foot. The beach is not arranged, there are neither beach bars nor chairs, so it is essential that you take food, water and umbrellas. At the beginning of the sandbar you'll feel like you're in a sandy desert, and as you approach the peak it'll delight you that the sea is on both sides of the sandbar. It often happens that on the one hand (toward Posidi) is windy, and on the other (toward Aigeopelagitika) is very quiet. The sun sets very late, so you can enjoy until the late hours. The sea is very clean, and the sand is fine and white. We advice you not to drive the car ove sandbar, because it always get stuck in the sand.

Chrousso Bay is in fact a big beach with a lot of bars. The beach is also called Paliouri, because it is right next to this place. Xenia also refers to the same beach, as well as Koursaros, Blue fish, Cabana, Lefki Ammos beach and all the bars that exist or have existed on this beach. Xenia is mostly used name. This beach is one of the most beautiful on Kassandra. Characterized by like flour fine sand and very long shoal extending up to 30m into water. The water is very clean and clear, and the sea is calm. This beach is a paradise for children. The most beautiful part of the beach, and part with the finest sand is on the right, looking toward the sea, in front of Koursaros bar, close to a small marina where boats depart on a cruise. This part has plenty of natural shade, but it's also very crowded. Especially on weekend and when boats with tourists from Sithonia and Kassandra arrive. The aforementioned bars are placed toward Paliouri, all are beautifully arranged and spacious, with parking space behind bars. On the beach there's also a camping site, a luxury hotel, as well as water sports. The beach is perfect for families with young children.

Going further toward Pefkohori, after Paliouri, we'll come across another large bay called Golden beach. It's a beach similar to Xenia (Paliouri), except that instead of fine sand it has small or somewhat larger gravel. This beach is less crowded and more peaceful, situated in the lee, so there's no waves or wind. Water is unrealistically clean and quiet, and in the hinterland of the beach there's a forest. The beach has a little natural shade, but you should get there early. The depth is gradual, so this beach is also good for families with children. The best part of the beach, or the part with the best entrance to water (without stones) is the rightmost part of the beach, looking toward the sea. On the beach there are arranged parts, and also a lot more room to set your own equipment.

Kriopigi doesn't have a beautiful public beach, but about a kilometer after Kriopigi towards Kallithea there's a beginning of a very beautiful coast. Only a kilometer away from Kriopigi, in front of the villa Pefka and all the way to the Alexander The Great Hotel, spreads a very beautiful beach with turquoise and clear water. The beach in front of villa Pefka is sandy, the depth is gradual, and the beach has plenty of natural shade. In front of the Alexander the Great Hotel there's a large sandy beach with a shoal and clear sea. This part of the coast between Kriopigi and the hotel is very interesting, so it's certainly worth exploring and finding the most convenient place for yourself and your family.

Kallithea has one of the most beautiful beaches of Kassandra. The beach is long, with several meters of shoal, and the turquoise sea. The sand is very fine and soft, and the sea is beautiful and clear. The right part of the local beach in Kallithea (towards Kriopigi) is slightly worse than the left part (in front of Zeus and Margarita Sea Side hotels), because of the rocks in the water and the beach is little narrower, but because of that it's less crowded, and with more beautiful bars and much more more greenery in the background.