Kallithea has one of the most beautiful beach on Kassandra.
The beach is long, the shoal is several tens of meters long, and the color of the sea is turquoise. The sand is very fine and soft, and the sea is beautiful and transparent. The right part of the local beach in Kallithea (towards Kriopigi) is slightly worse than the left part (in front of Zeus and Margarita Sea Side hotels), because of the rocks in the water and the beach is little narrower, but because of that it’s less crowded, and with more beautiful bars and more greenery in the hinterland.

City beach in Kriopigi is mostly rocky. However, immediately before and after Kriopigi there are very beautiful beaches. The beach in front of Kassandra Palace Hotel and Villa George is the one before Kriopigi, and the beach in front of Eos apartments all the way to the Alexander The Great Hotel is after Kriopigi. The beach in front of Eos is sandy, the depth is gradual, and the beach has plenty of natural shade. In front of the Alexander the Great Hotel there’s large sandy beach, with a shoal and clear sea. This part of the coast, between Kriopigi and the hotel, is very interesting, and certainly worth for exploring, also for finding the most convenient part of beach for yourself and your family.

The beaches in front of the Athos Hotel, Pallini, Teophano are also very nice.