Limenas is the capital and the biggest city on the island. It is located in the north and it has the most attractions for the visitors. Except that, near Limenas there are some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, so if you choose Limenas for your base during vacation, you definitely won’t make a mistake.

City beach in Limenas is located near the old port (on the opposite side of the port for ferries). It is a nice sandy beach with natural shadow. The beach is small and during the season is crowded, but it’s nice and well organized.

If you go to the east of the island there are waiting for you some of the most beautiful beaches.

2km from Limenas there is a famous beach Makryammos. It is the only beach on Thassos where you should pay the entrance, 3e per person. The beach is very well organized (swimming pool, mini zoo, bar, tavern, sunbeds, umbrellas, paved paths and all this in the pine forest). The sea itself is clear, turquoise, with fine sand and long shallow. Sometimes there is grass in the water.

From the entrance gate to Makryammos if you continue right to the dirt road, 4km away you will arrive at the popular Marble beach. The turquoise sea, marble stones, crowd and beautiful water features this beach.

After only 400m from the Marble beach you will arrive at the beach Porto Vathy. At the first moment it looks like a Marble beach, but it is more narrow and the sea is not so clear, because the fine sand often raises from the bottom of the sea. The coast is well organized, with a great bar.

About 1km away there is a paradise on earth, Vathi beach. It is, still, wild beach, narrow and not high visited, with fine sand, surrounded by pine forest, which gives the water a beautiful emerald color.

If you continue this way you can arrive at the Golden beach, but this road is not recommended since it is quite bad and full of holes. We do not recommend even the road through Panagia which is recently opened and goes through the stone pit.

However, you can reach the Golden beach in ten minutes or a little more taking the road from Limenas. Golden beach is a large bay that connects Skala Potamia and Skala Panagia. It is 3km long. Fine sand and long shallows are features and the advantages of this beach. We recommend you to visit the central part of this beach because that part is without the crowd and it’s wider than the sides of the beach that are more popular.

Ten kilometers away, and in total 20km from Limenas, you will first come to Kinira. The long and narrow coastline, turquoise sea and a sandy, rocky, stony bottom of the sea… something for everyone. Kinira is not so popular and you can be isolated on the beach.

Two kilometers after Kinira you will come to one of the most beautiful beaches, Paradise beach. From the main road, a bit steep and dirt road leads to the beach, so you should drive carefully. There is a parking along the beach and the road. The beach is with a very fine sand on the shore and in the water, and the shallow is a dozen meters long. It is a paradise both for children and adults. Occasionally there could be waves.

It is very hard to make a selection of the beaches on the east coast. All the beaches (except Kinira) should be on your list.

The second local beach in Limenas is located left from the port for ferries when looking towards the sea, and it’s called Agios Vasilios or Vournelis, the same as the hotel located there. This beach is narrow, with a bit larger pebbles and it’s partially organized, and it can be useful just for the ones who are accommodated nearby. We don’t recommend visiting this beach. It is 700m away from the city center.

If you go to the west from Limenas, at the exit from the city you will come across the Tarsanas beach. It is a sandy beach with natural shadow. The coast is narrow with fine sand, and it has a shallow. This beach is located exactly in front of the hotel and the restaurant Tarsanas, so somehow it is half private.

Just a few hundred meters after Tarsanas there is Nisteri beach. It is a beautiful, sandy beach where is one part under the natural shade. This beach changes depending on the sea currents, but the bottom is mostly sandy. Usually, the beach is not crowded and it is organized.

3,5km from Limenas there is a beach called Glyfada in front of the hotel with the same name. It is a very small beach with a natural shade in the background. This beach is organized.

4km to the west from Limenas is La Scala beach. It is a small beach with a beautiful sea, and it is known for its bar, which is excellent organized and it has great service. Here you can enjoy listening to the music, in the natural shade, resting on the luxurious baldachins… There is also a pool for the children, so if you want to spend your day in a more lively atmosphere, La Scala is a great choice. A parking space is along the beach.

About 500m after La Scala there is a calm cove Papalimani. A small beach with a restaurant, tucked in greenery, with a fine sand and emerald color of the sea is an ideal place to spend one peaceful day on the beach. The bottom of the sea is sandy, and shallow is convenient for children.

About 1km after La scala and about 7km from Limenas, there is a beach Glykadi. It is a wide beach, with a bar of bulrush and the sand on the coast. In water, however, there are stones, but there are paths for a safe pass to the sand. The beach has a volleyball net, nice music, sunbeds and umbrellas and enough space for the ones with their own equipment. It is not so crowded so it is a great choice for the ones who like less popular beaches and more space for themselves.

About 2km after Glykadi and 8km after Limenas there is a small, amazing cove Glyfoneri. Very fine sand, a lot of natural shade, long shallow and cute tavern make this beach a mandatory stop for all who are lovers of natural shadow.

If you continue along the main road, there are just a few meters that separate you from the Pachis beach and about 1km from the central approach to the beach next to the Sentido Hotel. Pachis is a well-known sandy beach on the island. It has a long shallow, very fine sand and a lot of natural shade. There are two cafes and a restaurant on the beach and this is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Skala Rachoni is about 10km away from Limenas. This small place has a beautiful beach with a natural shadow and it is great for all who are accommodated in it, but on the road trip around Thassos, you don’t have to stop here. However, we would recommend Ariba beach bar which is located on the beautiful part of the beach full of pine trees and shade. Chillout music from the beach bar Ariba and a shadow will relax you enough to spend one of the most beautiful days during your summer vacation. If we add the amazing sunset and friendly stuff, visit Ariba is one day perfectly spent. It is about 10 kilometers away from Limenas. The bottom of the sea is sandy, but partially with grass, and shallow is long.

20km to the west from Limenas there are Skala Prinos with a port for ferries from Kavala. A local beach in this place is not worth mentioning, but Dasilio beach which is 2km away from the city center is very likable. It is 2km long and mostly not organized but with a lot of natural shade. Disorganized parts of the beach we recommend to all who want to be alone, and the organized part in front of the hotel Artemis we recommend to the families with children. The gradual depth and natural shade, showers, sunbeds which come with one ordered drink and a lot of parking places features this part of the beach. The part in front of the luxurious hotel Ilio Mare is also beautiful and organized, which the lovers of this kind of beaches would prefer.

From the beaches which are located west of the Limenas, we recommend you to visit La Scala, Glyfoneri and Pachis beach. Ariba if you like the chill out music and Papalimani beach if you have small children.

Around Limenas there is a lot of larch forest which gives the special charm to this area. Βecause of the forest, many beaches have a specific emerald color of the sea. The only beaches on the island that have a natural shadow are the ones located along the way from Limenas to Skala Prinos.

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