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keramoti beach kavala 9
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Keramoti plaža

The beach in Keramoti is sandy, 3km long and 50 meters wide. This Blue Flag beach is ideal for children due to shoal and fine sand, but also for young people due to excellent bars that in the evening work as clubs. The service in the bars is excellent, and...

vrasidas beach kavala 2
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Vrasidas beach

Vrasidas beach in Nea Peramos is located on the peninsula behind the fortress. The beach is not organised, there are mainly campers that have found their piece of paradise, just because it is a beautiful beach, with fine sand, clear water, quiet and hidden, and here you don't have...

trita beach nea iraklitsa kavala 1
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Psatha beach

Besides the beaches in the center of Nea Iraklitsa, there are plenty of bays nearby. Some of them are still unorganised. Beach Psatha (earlier known as Trita) until last year was a wild beach (2016th) for which only the locals knew. However, due to the beautiful location, away from the...

amolofi beach nea peramos kavala (29)
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Ammolofi Beach

Ammolofi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the northern Greece. It is a beach several kilometers long, sandy in the water and on shore, with golden, very fine sand like flour.

Beach geographically belongs to the town of Nea Peramos and from the...

batis beach kavala 2
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Batis Beach

Batis beach is just 4km west of the city of Kavala and it is a tempting motivation for visiting Northern Greece. Visitors are impressed by the sufficiency and functionality of the facilities, the beauty of the natural environment and the modern stylish design. Batis Multiplex complex, that lays on this...