Potos and Limenaria are the biggest and most popular places in the south of Thassos. The distance between them is 4km so it is the same if you are staying in one or another place, the same beaches will be near in both cases. There is also Pefkari which is located between those two places and Astris which is 5km far from Potos to the south.

As we already mentioned, the south of the island has a special charm. On the south tourism developed the latest so places kept traditional spirit. Although in the east of the island Skala Potamia and Golden Beach are very beautiful places with wonderful beaches, they are built with the development of tourism and do not have that charm that features the former fishing places Potos and Limenaria.

South of the island is rich with beautiful beaches so your vacation can be very fulfilled. If you are staying in Potos, you can go to city beach, to the beach San Antonio which is located below city beach and to a wild, little beach in front of the Papaoikonomou villa. The city beach is sandy, with a gradual depth. In July and August it is crowded, especially in part beside the marina, in front of cafes. Going to the San Antonio beach it is less and less crowded, so if you do not like crowds, we don’t recommend you to visit the part of the beach in front of the cafes.

San Antonio and the city beach are connected and it is 1km long. The eastern part of the beach is called San Antonio. This part of the beach is more pretty. San Antonio is a sandy beach, has a long shallow, the sea is clear, there are no wind and waves, neither crowd. Parents with kids love this beach. You can reach it on foot from Potos, and there are enough spaces to park your car.

Wild beach in front of the Papaoikonomou villa is small and hidden, and it is located in the center, beside a marina to Pefkari. Beach is sandy on the shore, and there are rocks in the water, but usually there is no crowd and that’s why it’s perfect for those who want to avoid the crowd on the city beach.

When you go from Potos to the east, after 3km you will come to a very beautiful sandy beach Roso Gremos. One part of this beach is open for guests of a luxury hotel, and a bigger part is open for everyone. There are sunbeds and also enough space for your own equipment. Beach has a very beautiful color and shallow. We recommend you to visit it for sure. Parking is possible along the main road and on the hotel parking. It’s free.

Only the cape separate beach Roso Gremos from the small beach Notos. Notos is called little Aliki and it’s a small beach with a fantastic sea. It is sandy, with gradual depth. There are several sunbeds and umbrellas that are paid (5e set), and there is also space for your own equipment. The beach is often crowded. The steep path leads to the beach at a length of 30 meters. Parking is possible along the main road, but the space is limited.

St. Anna is located 4km east from Potos. It is a wild bay, recently without visitors, but later became more popular. It has a little natural shade and shallows for children. It’s very small. A steep path leads to it. Parking is possible along the main road, but only for about ten cars.

Beach Psili Ammos is about 4,5km far from Potos. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Accross the beach is large parking in an olive field, and the beach itself is very popular and visited so we recommend you to visit it early in the morning. Since there are three cafes and one tavern on the beach, and all have their own sunbeds and umbrellas, there is very little space for your own equipment and only in the left part of the beach. You should visit Psili Ammos, but early, because of the crowd.

Astrida beach is located a few hundred meters before Astris. It is a small bay, with a nice cafeteria and normal prices. The color of the sea is not turquoise like on the other beaches that we mentioned, but it is a great choice if you don’t like popular and visited beaches.

Marley beach is part of city beach in Astris and is named after cafe. Beach doesn’t stands out for its beauty, it is average, but without crowd and with fine music so it is great for escaping from popular beaches.

Central city beach in Astris has natural shade and can be great for anyone who is staying in Astris, but it’s not necessary to go to it if you are accommodated in some other place, because there are plenty of beautiful beaches nearby.

Beach Salonikios
is 8km far from Potos. From turning from the main road which is right after the center of Astris to the beach leads dirt road in the length of 3km. This beach is perfect for anyone who loves more isolated and peaceful beaches. The bottom is gravel or rocky and the beach is recommended to swimmers and lovers of hidden bays and natural shade.

Kalami beach is 8km far from Potos, it is outside od Astris. A dirt road leads to is, and the beach is below average by its beauty and we don’t recommend visiting it unless you like isolated and rocky beaches.

Famous natural swimming pool Giola is 10km away from Potos. Part of the road to Giola is dirt, and the other part you should walk. We don’t recommend you visit Giola during the heat, in the middle of the day, nor in the peak of the season because the sea is not that clear and the experience is far worse than expected. Jumping into the pool from the wall is dangerous.

Beach Livadi is 13km away from Potos and it is down the monastery Saint Michail. It is nice bay, partly sandy and partly rocky, with wonderful emerald sea. In the back of the beach there is some natural shade of the olive trees and enough parking space. There is no crowd on this beach because it is not favourite for families with children as there is no sand and shallow.

Just next to Livadi beach there is Arsanas beach. Dirt road leads to it. Beach is, also, with large pebbles and stones, but it is located in very interesting ambience, surrounded by high cliffs, so if you are an adventurous spirit and good swimmer, you should visit this beach and enjoy the endlessly clean and clear sea.

The famous Archangel Michael monastery is located 14km from Potosa and let it be a mandatory station when visiting the beaches. If you are inadequately dressed, when you enter the monastery they will give you clothes. It’s a very nice monastery. The strongest impression for visitors of this monastery leave the porch with a fantastic view of the sea and the Holy mountain. Visit the monastery until 18:00 as it is then closed.

Beach Thimonia is 16km far from Potos in the same way, to the east. It is one of few unorganized beaches. On the shore of this beach is a large pebble and stones, and in the water there are stones, except for the fine pebbles on the right side of the beach. The color of the sea is beautiful, emerald green, but this beach is recommended only to swimmers and those who like beaches without crowd.

One kilometer from Thimonia and 17km from Potos there is one hidden pearl of Thassos, beach Kekes. Surrounded by conifers this beach has two bays and a coastline that consists of white, smooth and flat plates ideal for jumping. This beach we recommend to swimmers.

The famous Aliki beach is 19km from Potos. It is very visited, but you should visit it early and avoid it at weekends. The peaceful bay is sandy, and the windy bay - next to the archaeological site is rocky.

If you want to continue driving more than 20km from Potos then we recommend you visit Paradise beach. It is 30km away and to it lead main road and winding road, but the beach is perhaps the most beautiful on the island. Long shallow, very fine sand …

Golden beach is 40km away from Potos. It is a very nice, sandy beach, with long shallow and it is one of the most popular beaches on the island.

That is all about the beaches on the east side of the island. If you want to visit only the most beautiful beaches then you shouldn’t miss Roso Gremos, Notos, Psili Ammos, Aliki and Paradise beach and also a monastery. The other beaches that we mention in this text you can visit other time.

When you come from Potos to the other, west side, after only 1km there are two beaches Pefkari. One is more visited and organized, and the other one, in front of the camp, is unorganized. Both have rocks in the water. They are great for swimmers and diving.

Metalia is 4km away from Potos. This beach is located in an authentic ambiance with abandoned mines in the backside and is also suitable for swimmers due to the rocks in the water. As in Pefkari, the water is very clear and transparent. The beach is poorly visited and great for enjoying the book in peace.

Limenaria has two beaches. On is a small city beach and it is sandy. The other one is 2km long, with larger or smaller gravel. It is suitable for those who stay in Limenaria, but it is not attractive to visit. The beach Trypiti is located 7-8km from Potos and 3km from Limenaria. This very wide beach is usually no crowded. In the water there are mostly rocks, and the sea is very clean.

Atspas beach is 13km from Potos, on the entrance to village Skala Maries. It is a small, sandy beach, great for little kids because has fine sand and long shallow. Skala Maries has one more beach, on the exit of the village, Sunset Beach, which is also suitable for families with children.

On the west of the island there are no many interesting beaches. The only beach that we can recommend is Dasilio beach in Skala Prinos, precisely part of the beach in front of Artemis hotel. This part of the beach has some natural shade, it is sandy and without a crowd. It is 25km from Potos.

On the north of the island there are some of the most beautiful beaches on Thassos and if you do not mind the distance of 30 or more kilometers from Potos and Limenaria, visit the beaches: Pachis (33km), Glifoneri (34km), La Scala (38km), Saliara (Marble) (48km).

If you are staying on the south do not miss to visit traditional village Theologos and take a walk cobbled streets of former capital of Thassos. Theologos is 10km away from Potos. You can visit the gold factory Iris Gold located near Limenaria. The advantage of a small distance between Limenaria and Potos is also suitable for the combination of evening outings. The facilities of both locations are easily accessible to all tourists stationed in the south of the island.

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