It is known that the eastern and western coast of Lefkada are completely different. All photos of breathtaking beaches are showing the ones on the west coast. These beaches are popular for their bright blue color of the sea, often milky-blue, they are simply fantastic and unreal.

Arriving to the most of these beaches involves a long drive by winding and narrow roads, and then a little of walking. In return, you get absolutely delighted by what waits you at the end of the road. These beaches are popular for its white gravel, relatively sudden depth, wind and waves. On the west coast, except Agios Nikitas, there are no other resorts on the coast because it is inaccessible. All the villages are in the hills. There is only one gas station (Agios Nikitas). Even the highway is winding. West coast also has a fabulous view points from which you could watch the sunsets.

The east coast is completely different. The resorts are located along the peaceful shore where there is no wind nor waves but each town has its own marina where the boats are anchored. There is no blue sea like on the west, but there is no wind and waves, so the Nidri, which is on the west coast, is the center of tourism on the island.

Vacation on Lefkada could be easily converted into tiredness than into the rest, especially if there are too much mandatory beach visites on your list. Therefore, we will maximally narrow the list, and if you want a more active vacation, look at all the beaches on Lefkada, and then select a few more to visit.

The most beautiful and most picturesque beach for us is Porto Katsiki. It is a symbol of the island and definitely staying on Lefkada without visiting this beach would not be complete.

Egremni beach is beautiful in its own way, but in our opinion a part of its beauty is also in the view of the above.

Kathisma is located on the west coast and it’s probably one of the few beaches that you will visit several times during the ten-day holiday. This beach has everything that a hardly accessible beaches have (lovely light blue sea, the white pebbles, waves), and you could go down to it by car, which is really an advantage.

Mylos beach is located next to Agios Nikitas. This beach also has a distinctive blue color of the sea, but it’s wild, without any content, less accessible and therefore without the crowd, so in this paradise you could enjoy in peace.

Agiofili is located in the south of the island and it is in our opinion one of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada. You could reach it by boat or by car with a new road.

These five beaches are the must-visit during your five-day vacation. The other five or more days you could spend as you wish, without having something else that you need to visit, especially if you want to rest.

If you like a beautiful colour of the sea, but not the crowd, you could visit the beaches Kavalikefta, Megali Petra and Avali, and if you don’t like to drive for a long time to the beach, then add to the list a beach Pefkoulia.

If you are accommodated on the east coast, when you finish the tour of the mentioned beaches that are required, you could enjoy the beaches Desimi, Ammoussa or Mikros Gialos which are also beautiful and easily accessible.

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TOP 5 beaches on Lefkada island!