Castri beach is situated 4 km from Nikiti, on the way to Neos Marmaras, right before Agios Ioannis beach. It is well marked. You just turn right from the main road when you get to the sign Castri beach.
The beach is consisted from two parts separated with rocky cape. Beach closer to Agios Ioannis is 400 m long. This is a sandy beach, with sand on the bottom of the sea that gets nicer as you move away from the coast. Shallow water goes up to 50 m in the sea, so this beach is a good place for children and people who don’t swim well. Considering that often there is not many people here, this is a good place for playing ball in the water. In the back, there are mostly private houses so there is not much touristic attractions and equipment on the beach. It is necessary to bring your own umbrella, towel, food and water.
Other, smaller part, is also very nice. Sandy beach and a mix of sandy and rocky parts in the water, can also provide you peace and quiet because this beach is not crowded as well. Here you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. We recommend this beach to everyone who likes less commercial beaches, where they can enjoy themselves, as well as to families with small children because of the shallow waters.
It is believed that the area Castri is located in the place where there used to be an ancient city Galipsos, mentioned by great historian Herodotus. Near the beach there is a small island Castri, from which it got its name. On the island are found remains of ancient settlements.

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