Name Kavourotripes means “crab holes” which is a perfect description for this part of the coast of Sithonia. Coast that caries the name Kavourotripes is 5 km long and is consisted of many smaller or larger crab holes or bays between the rocks.

The most famous bay is Orange or Portokali, that got its name from the bar located on the beach. On the right side of the Orange beach there are 4 or 5 beautiful smaller bays with fine white sand and white rocks.
Beach Mega Portokali, that is lately becoming more and more famous, also belongs to the Kavourotripes coast. If you have adventures spirit you can also go exploring some of the bays that are hard to reach but are still characterized by their magnificent beauty and turquoise water.

We will describe you two of the bays that don’t have an official name and are separated by the rocky cape.

When driving from Vourvourou to the south, Kavurotripes Paradise is located in front of Mega Portokali Beach. A board towards the beach was also installed on the extension next to the main road. A dirt, dusty road leads you to the beach, which you can drive in some parts for only 20 per hour. There is a parking extension at the end of the road, but you can also park along the road. If you drive from Sarti towards Vourvourou, you first come across the Orange (Portokali) beach, and after 8 km you turn towards the Kavurotripes Paradise beach.
There is an extension for parking there next to the highway where there are usually several parked cars, so they can also be your guide.
You have to walk from the parking lot to the beach and just follow the path through the woods. The beach can be reached in just 3-4 minutes on foot, and it is not too steep.
Approaching the beach first you will see amazing turquoise water that gets even more beautiful as you get closer. What waits for you at the end of the road is really an amazing prize for the effort.

Coming to the beach, you will see the first unreal turquoise sea, which becomes more and more beautiful as you get closer to the beach. What awaits you at the end of the road is truly a wonderful reward for your efforts.
You come across two bays, of which it is not known which is more beautiful. In these coves, everything is enchanting, first of all the color of the water, then the fine sand, long shallow water, and then the smooth, white rocks, the beautiful green surroundings, i.e. the pine trees. Of course, there is indescribable peace due to the distance from the highway and traffic.

On the left bay, which is both larger and more beautiful, but also on the right, there are sunbeds and umbrellas, so there is very little space left for those who have their own equipment. Above the beach is a canteen with fast food and drinks.

There are nice flat, white rocks on both the left and right where you can be alone. Immediately to the left of the canteen, looking towards the sea, there is a small cove, just right for two, where you can take a place early in the morning and be alone.
If you want to be alone, you can also climb a plateau on the rocks above the beach, find a nice place in the shade of the pine trees and enjoy the peace and the wonderful view.

There are no showers or cabins on the beach, but there is a Toi-Toi toilet up by the parking lot.

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