Name Kavourotripes means “crab holes” which is a perfect description for this part of the coast of Sithonia. Coast that caries the name Kavourotripes is 5 km long and is consisted of many smaller or larger crab holes or bays between the rocks.

The most famous bay is Orange or Portokali, that got its name from the bar located on the beach. On the right side of the Orange beach there are 4 or 5 beautiful smaller bays with fine white sand and white rocks.
Beach Mega Portokali, that is lately becoming more and more famous, also belongs to the Kavourotripes coast. If you have adventures spirit you can also go exploring some of the bays that are hard to reach but are still characterized by their magnificent beauty and turquoise water.

We will describe you two of the bays that don’t have an official name and are separated by the rocky cape.
There are no signs on the main road at the turn for this beach so it wouldn’t hurt if you type the coordinates Lat. 40.1255400 and Long. 23.9640592 for this turn. If you don’t have GPS device, than you will get to this turn 650-700m after Orange (Portokali) beach, when going from Sarti. Here you will make a right turn on the dusty road. Here you will also see a widening on the side of the road where there are always a few parked cars that can be your guideline, and across from that parking is a gate that is the entrance to a fenced lot. You can park your vehicle here or continue on the dusty road for about a 100 m and leave it there.

From there to the beach you have to go by foot on the trail that is steep in some places, and goes through low vegetation. It takes for about 10 minutes to walk from the parking to the beach. We have to mention that the path is not suitable for the kids, elderly and gentle people :)

Approaching the beach first you will see amazing turquoise water that gets even more beautiful as you get closer. What waits for you at the end of the road is really an amazing prize for the effort.

You will encounter two bays, one more beautiful than the other. In these two bays everything is enchanting, from the color of the water, to the fine sand, white rocks and green pine vegetation. There is also unimaginable peace created by the distance of the road and the lack of people. There are no facilities on the beach so it’s necessary to bring your own food and water if you plane on staying. Also there are no toilets or showers.

If you want to be alone you can climb one of the flattened rocks overlooking the beach, find a nice place in the shade of the pines and enjoy the peace and the nice view.
In the afternoon there is a lot of natural shade because of the high rocks in the back.

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