Kalogria beach is located in the west part of the peninsula, about 5 km south of Nikiti and about 1 km after Agios Ioannis beach.

It’s a very popular 500 m long beach and it’s one of the most beautiful in Halkidiki due to its turquoise sea, fine sand and natural shade. It’s sandy on the coast and in the water and most of it’s shallow, so it’s ideal for families with children.

On the right part of the beach when you look towards the sea, on both parts of the beach there are deckchairs that belong to the Mango Hotel. Right in front of the hotel (on the left side of the beach) in the first line, a set of two sunbeds and a parasol costs 40 euros, out of which 32 euros can be used for food and drinks. A set of sunbeds in other lines is charged 8 euros.
A set of sunbeds at Mango Cafe on the right side of the beach, towards to Koviou, is charged 5 e. In this part of the beach, there’s organized and free parking for visitors as well as a beach volleyball court.

At the end of the beach, there’s the famous Isla Bar, popular among young people because it has louder music. Sunbeds can be used with purchased drinks. Isla Bar has free parking for its guests.

Between the two bars, there’s free yet narrow space to place your umbrellas, and in the middle of the beach, there’s a fast-food canteen with parasols and sunbeds in front of it (a set of two sunbeds and a parasol costs 5 euros).

In the middle of the beach there is a part where you can leave your umbrellas and sunbeds.

The sand on Kalogria beach is fine and it’s also found on the bottom of the sea. The beach is very popular, so you should get there as early as possible in order to choose a good place for yourself, but also to find parking easier. Visitors of Kalogria beach park their cars next to the road where traffic jams often occur. Showers are available only within bars.

The canteen, that is located in central part of the beach, offers some barbeque fast food for affordable prices, while bars have sandwiches and some lighter meals that are quite expensive. Bringing your own food to the sunbeds that belong to bars are not allowed.

On the far left, when you go towards Spaties beach, there are a couple of bars. For example, in the last bar, if you want to be on deck chairs under an umbrella all day, you need to allocate €30 for consumption, and for deck chairs in the first row to the sea, the minimum consumption is €40 per set.

In our opinion, Kalogria is an extremely beautiful beach and certainly one of the most beautiful on Sithonia, but because of crowded parking and crowds on the beach itself, we recommend avoiding it during the busy season and on weekends or simply visiting it early in the morning.

Kalogria is one of the most popular beaches among divers.

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Take a look at a short video from this beach.

Kalogria beach on Sithonia