Kalogria beach is located at the west side of the peninsula, about 5 km south of Nikiti, after Agios Ioannis beach. It is a very popular beach,with a length of about 500m and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki due to the turquoise sea, fine sand and natural shade. Sand is on the coast and in the water and the sea is mostly very shallow, so it is ideal for families with children. At either end of the beach there are chairs that belong to the hotel Mango. Sunbeds are charged 2 to 4e, and in addition you can order a drink or something to eat. Between the two bars there is free space to place your umbrellas and the area is somewhat narrower, but exactly in the middle of the beach is a cafeteria with fast food in front of the umbrellas and sunbeds, where a set of two deck chairs and a parasol costs 5e. This is one of the few beaches in Halkidiki where loungers pay, and do not receive a free drink as a compensation.The sand at this beach is small and is located deep down in the sea, while the part of the beach in front of the canteen has little rocks in the water at the entrance and it is not shallow. The beach is very visited and we recommend that you visit it as early as possible, to select a good place for yourself, but also to find parking easier. In the right part of the beach, at the Mango bar is, there is organized parking for visitors, as well as a volleyball court in the sand, while other visitors park their cars along the road where often arises crowd. Showers exist only within bars.In the cafeteria you can buy anything from fast food grilled at affordable prices, while in the bars you can order sandwiches and snacks which are pretty expensive. In the lounges belonging to Mango Bar is prohibited to bring your own food.Within Kalogria beach is well known Isla beach bar, which has its own parking, plenty of chairs and some loud music, and attracts mainly young people.In our opinion, Kalogria is an extremely beautiful beach and definitely one of the nicest in Halkidiki, but due to the large crowds and parking at the beach, we recommend that you avoid the peak season and weekends, or to visit it early in the morning.

Take a look at short video from this beach.