It’s well known that Thassos offers more beaches than one can count. There is something for everyone, sandy and rocky, wild and urban, with shade and no shade… On Thassos, there’s no doubt that everybody can find a beach that satisfies all of their needs. We’re fans of sandy beaches, and in this article we will list the ones we like the most. However, tastes differ, so I’m sure everyone has their own list of top 10 best beaches on Thassos.

In our opinion, these are the beaches you must visit before returning home:

  1. Paradise beach - 30 km away from Potos and 24 km away from Limenas
  2. Marble - Saliara beach - 4 km away from Makryammos
  3. Makryammos - 2 km away from Limenas by eastern coast
  4. Golden Beach - about 40 km away from Potos and 14 km away from Limenas by eastern coast
  5. Alyki - 20km east of Potos
  6. Psili Ammos - 7 km east from Potos
  7. Pachis - 10 km west from Limenas and 42 km away from Potos
  8. La Scala - 4 km away from Limenas in the Limenaria direction
  9. Notos - 1.5 km away from Potos by eastern coast
  10. Trypiti - 2.5 km west from Limenaria

Paradise beach definitely lives up to its name - it’s nothing but paradise. Why? First, because of the very fine sand both in the water and on shore. This beach is ideal for families with children because it has a shoal approximately 30 meters long. However, my absolute favorite thing about this beach are its waves! If you’re in mood to have a fun time and release all of your negative energy through jumping and fighting waves, then this is a perfect beach for you. I always return from this beach with a smile on my face, despite the mood I was in before going there. I’ve noticed that even the youngest children love the waves in the shoal.

The left part of the beach is reserved for nudists, but over the last few years a canteen has been working there so they usually go behind the rocks.

Access to the beach is not the best. You need to use a dusty road which is quite steep and narrow in some parts. That’s why many people decide to park their car beside the highway, even though there’s a parking lot right next to the beach.

There is a little restaurant and a coffee shop on the beach. There’s also a shower next to the restaurant (usage is charged 50 cents).

Marble or Saliara beach is really the most unique beach on Thassos. Its beauty and the color of its water are something that words can’t describe. You can reach it by turning right at the entry to Makryammos beach. A dusty road approximately 4 km long will lead you to the beach. It’s semi-organized, with a fast food cafeteria and sunbeds.

The entire beach is covered by small white marble stones. The coast is so white, it almost looks like snow at times. The sun rays bounce off the ground and they can be very blinding so it’s a good idea to wear sunglasses. A real pleasure arises when you enter the water. Its color is surreal, like the one on the most exotic beaches. While you’re in the water, you won’t be able to stop admiring the color. The feeling is incredible!

If you continue to drive for about 500 m after Saliara, you will reach the Porto Vathy beach, and if you drive for about 10 minutes more after that, you’ll reach Vathi which is very nice as well.

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Makryammos is the only beach which has an entrance fee. It’s located 2 km east from Limenas.

Makryammos is actually a beautifully landscaped complex with bungalows, an amusement park, a swimming pool and spots for various sports activities. It’s ideal for families with children. Given that most beaches on Thassos aren’t organized, it’s good that there’s something like this too. Entrance is charged 3 euros per adult, and prices within the complex are also higher than in other places on this island. Children do not pay entrance. The water is green because the beach is surrounded by a thick pine forest. The beach is nice and sandy, the shoal is long. However, if you don’t feel like paying, there are still many beaches on Thassos which are as beautiful as this one.

Golden beach is one of my favorite beaches because it has occasional waves, just like Paradise beach, and of course, because it’s sandy. Another reason I love it are all the restaurants and coffee shops nearby, so you can sit down and have a drink or lunch while still in your swimming suit. The most beautiful part of the beach is the one near the camp, because that’s where it’s the least narrow.

Alyki would be at the top of this list if it weren’t as crowded as it is. In August you can barely find space to put your towel. This is, of course, a testament of the beauty of this beach, which attracts a lot of people to it. But, with so many other beautiful beaches, it’s not worth the pain of being in the middle of that crowd. The crowd is the biggest on the weekends because that’s when Greeks from the inner-land arrive, so it’s better to avoid them. Otherwise, the bay has an unreal emerald color, the sand is fine and it doesn’t rise so the water is always crystal clear and clean. The far left and the far right parts of the beach have stones, so it is best to choose the central part.

Psili Ammos is very popular, and over the last few years it has been getting more and more crowded. The sand is different than on the other beaches, it’s soft and very pleasant. The water is a bit colder, but that can be really good in July and August. I love the rocks on the left side of the beach where you can sunbathe. I like visiting these rocks even during the winter. Psili Ammos is one of the few beaches where you will hear music. In August, many reggae and foam parties are organized here. Psili Ammos has an unusual water color, the depth is gradual, and the sunsets are breathtaking.
Since 2016, a lot of cafes have been opened on this beach, so the crowd can be huge in the busiest times of the year which is, unfortunately, maybe a thing you should avoid.

I like Pachis beach primarily because of the shade. If you’re a fan of natural shade, this is definitely the best choice for you because of the pine trees along the coast. Besides that, you can also rent sunbeds. The beach is sandy and the water is shallow, It’s ideal for families with children. There are two cafes and a restaurant on this beach.
Since 2015, Pachis has been almost completely covered by sunbeds, which have a negative impact on its natural beauty.

La Scala wasn’t organized until 2014, but as soon as it was, it became one of the most popular beaches on the island. It’s not big, the water is crystal clear, and the things that attract tourists the most are definitely a modernly decorated cafe, a big parking lot, a lot of shade, a children’s pool, a restaurant, music and high-quality sunbeds. This beach is great for fans of organized and modern beaches and beach bars.

Until two years ago, Notos was a completely wild cove which hardly anyone knew about. I think it’s become more popular thanks to our forum. The path that leads to it is quite steep, but short. The beach is very small, but beautiful and sandy, with crystal clear water.

Trypiti is on the 10th place because of the stones in its water. This beach is located 2.5 km away from Limenaria in the Maries direction. It’s big and wide, and it’s never crowded. On the right side there’s fine gravel, while the rest of the beach is covered by stones. Trypiti has a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and it’s a joy to spend time there. It’s perfect for swimmers, divers and all those who don’t like the crowd. Whenever you feel like you need some peace, all you have to do is grab a parasol, a sunbed, a good book and go to Trypiti.

The beach that belongs to a special category for its beauty and for being the only one still completely wild is called Vathi and it’s located in the northern part of the island.

In addition to these beaches there are many more beautiful ones like Roso Gremos, Glyfoneri, Nisteri, Porto Vathy, Papalimani… But, you’ll hear more about them some other time.

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