Toroni is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Sithonia. It is mostly visited by families with smaller children because it’s a very peaceful place with no crowd, both in the town itself and on the beach.

The beach in Toroni is one of the most beautiful city beaches that you can encounter in North Greece. It’s a few kilometers long, and with small interruptions of a few hundred meters or more it’s continued by other beaches (Destenika, Tristinika, Aretes).

The city beach is sandy, but it doesn’t have that completely fine sand; it’s actually the size of rice grains. This type of sand doesn’t rise so the water is always completely clear, even if there are waves. Waves are, however, not a frequency at this beach.

The depth is gradual, suitable for children, but it doesn’t have a long knee-height shoal that some other beaches on Sithonia do have.

You can watch some gorgeous sunsets from the city beach, it’s possible to stay in the water until it’s completely dark, and days are long. Toroni doesn’t have any wind and waves are very rare.

In the middle part of the beach, there is a bit of natural shade. Since the beach is long, everyone can find their own perfect nook. There are organized parts, with sunbeds and parasols, where if zou order something to drink you can use them whole day, but there are also the ones that are free for visitors with their own equipment.

If we recommended Toroni as a summer holiday destination, it would definitely be because of the exceptionally nice beach and a clear sea.

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