Agridia is the first beach in the area around Sykia, coming from Sarti.

How to get there

Traveling this way after 3 km you will see the turn for Agridia beach from the main road. After making the turn drive for about 1.5 km on the dusty road, but carefully and watch for the holes in the ground.

Also, you can get to Agridia beach if you start from Sykia beach and go along the coastline and at the end of Valti beach turn left on the dusty road, and then just before you get to the main road you turn right at the sign for Agridia beach and again drive towards the sea.

The beach is small and tucked into the rocks, so it looks very lifelike. Considering that it’s not really easy to get to this beach it’s not crowded, and that little visitors that get to it are mostly locals. The beach is surrounded with flat rocks, ideal for jumping and resting. Sunbeds and umbrellas are obtained with a drink. There is a canteen too where you can buy food at affordable prices.
There are Toi-Toi toilets on the beach, no showers or internet, and the signal is weak, so even the mobile internet will not work very well. There is no natural shade on the beach, but there is enough parking space located in the back.

If you are a lover of small, non-conventional bays, with fine sand and beautiful water, than Agridia is a good choice for you.

Besides from Tigania beach, Agridia is one of our favorites in the south of Sithonia when we crave for a bit of peace.

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