Many will say that the part of the coast between Paliouri and Pefkohori is the most beautiful in Kassandra. Opinions are different, but certainly there are three large and beautiful beaches: Chrousso bay, Golden beach and Glarokavos.

For each of these beaches different names are used, so visitors are often confused and uncertain about which beach is which, how many of them are there, what’s the name of each of them etc. Confusion is created because of many bars, so the tourists name a beach after a bar, not knowing that the beach has its own name.

Chrousso bay is, in fact, a big beach with a lot of bars. The beach is also called Paliouri because it is right next to this place. Xenia also refers to the same beach, as well as Koursaros, Blue Fish, Cabana, Lefki Ammos beach and all the bars that exist or have existed on this beach. Xenia is mostly used name. This beach is one of the most beautiful in Kassandra. Characteristic by it’s like flour fine sand and very long shoal that extends up to 30m into water. The water is very clean and clear, and the sea is calm. This beach is a paradise for children.

The most beautiful part of the beach and part with the finest sand is on the right, looking toward the sea, in front of Koursaros bar, close to a small marina where boats depart on a cruise. This part has plenty of natural shade, but it’s also very crowded. Especially on weekends and when boats with tourists from Sithonia and Kassandra arrive. The aforementioned bars are placed toward Paliouri, all are beautifully arranged and spacious, with parking space behind bars. On the beach, there’s also a camping site, a luxury hotel and various water sports.

This beach is located only 6km from Pefkohori.