If you are located in Neos Marmaras or nearby, in the west of Sithonia, you will be able to visit a large number of beaches which make Sithonia popular.

First of all Neos Marmaras has a great city beach. It is located on the south side of the city, it is long and sandy. Large part of the beach has natural shade. The part closer to the luxurious complex of Porto Carras is arranged, while the part towards the town is available for visitors with their own equipment. Sea has a nice colour, depth is gradual and the sand is fine.

The southern part of the beach belongs to the hotel complex Porto Carras and within it there are 3 beaches with blue flag and just one of these beaches (Kohi Beach) is available to visitors who are not guests of the hotel. Entrance to the complex costs from 3e to 10e per person depending on the period of the season. Since it’s privately owned complex, it has a large part of the coast between Marmaras and Toroni, there are another twenty smaller and wild bays that belong to the hotel, which could be reached either by walking or by bicycle, but only through the complex. There are some alternative paths to the mentioned wild coves, but we don’t recommend them if you are first time on holiday in Halkidiki. If you like modern beaches you should come by to this complex.

When driving by the road from Marmaras towards Toroni, right after Porto Carras you will come across to a right turn. If you enjoy a beautiful landscape and you like to explore, then turn right to come down to the coast. A very tortuous and badly crowded asphalt road through the larch forest is waiting for you. You will have the opportunity to see from the height a large number of small, wild coves, beautiful colour of the sea, a mixture of blue and green, luxury yachts anchored in this beautiful bay. You will be surprised to see how many interesting private homes in this little known area there are and how Sithonia is really nice, but it’s still growing.

Since the mentioned road is rather long and tortuous, if you want to ride by the coast, and to little shorten the path to it, then do not turn after Porto Carras to the right, you should drive ahead until the new shift where are the tables for Areti and Stavros camping, Saint George hotels and Las Bandidas bar. You will very quickly get down to the coast. This shorter road we recommend and in return to the highway. In both cases, you get off to the old road that goes along the coast to Toroni.

When you get down to the shore, turn left and drive along the coast, which is largely unregulated and narrow, with gravel or sand with something darker colourbut it’s perfect for those who want to be alone. The first major beach you will encounter is the beach Agia Kiriaki in front of the camp Stavros. This beach is very beautiful, it’s in the lee, with a natural shade, but you should come here early because it could be crowded. It has a tavern and a cafe with a beautiful view of the large number of tied boats. The beach is with fine sand and a gradual depth.

If you go further more, you will pass by beautiful private houses surrounded by pine trees, next to the beautiful coast and the calm sea without the crowds and come to the tavern Panos. It is a fish tavern with higher prices, but in a beautiful environment, in the shade next to the sea. It is especially nice to visit it before sunset. Tavern is very visited and we have noticed that here come guests with speedboats and boats from Kassandra.

Drive on and pass by the campsite Areti which also has a beautiful beach, then next to the turn for Saint George Hotel, and after that, you could go to a small beach in front of the Likithos Village hotel. This hotel is built in the style of the buildings on Santorini, with a swimming pool on a hill and a breathtaking sea view. The beach in front of the hotel is small, but mostly without the crowd. It’s not a private beach, but to reach it you should go through the hotel which we really like, because the hotel is really nicely decorated. The beach is perfect for snorkeling and enjoying in peace. Staying on this beach represents a different experience of Sithonia. Likithos Village Hotel is temporarily closed, so access to the beach through the hotel complex is currently impossible.

If you move on after Hotel Likithos soon you will come across the dirt road or a sandbar, which connects an island Pounta with Sithonia. You can reach it by foot and walk to the island, although its unorganized, it has a few unarranged bays. Slightly coarse sand and gravel of darker color aren’t attractive in this part, so we recommend that you stop by here only if you like more isolated places and beaches, and if you want to get to know the most of the hidden places of Sithonia.

After visiting Likithos and possibly Pounta, you will return to the road and extend the asphalt road from which you have turned to reach the Likithos. You will soon come across the beach in front of Hotel Poseidon, which has natural shade, partially arranged and only in front of the arranged part is the sand in the water. In the unarranged part are the rocks, so you should be careful because there are hedgehogs. This beach is also perfect for solitude, especially its right part, where there is a natural shade.

This beach is separated with promontory from other beaches and the famous beach bar Las Bandidas. This beach also has a sandy entrance just in front of the arranged part, there is no crowd and it’s great for snorkeling. In the bar you can enjoy Latin music and fine food. There is also a natural shade.

The road leads towards Toroni and mostly dirt, so we recommend you to go back to the highway and continue towards Toroni. However, if you want to continue driving and enjoy the nature and unspoiled part of Sithonia, move forward straight and slowly until Toroni.

Whether you go by highway or dirt road visit the beaches Aretes, Tristinika and Destenika, which are lined this way until the Toroni. They are the best on this stretch from Las Bandidas to Toroni. There is also a beach Azapiko that we did not like, and besides it there are still a lot of wild beaches and bays, so if you have an adventurous spirit, in this area you can find a great place to enjoy. In Toroni you can also enjoy the local beach which is one of the nicest on Sithonia.

If you do not mind driving a little longer, in the south of Sithonia is one of the most beautiful beaches on whole Halkidiki, Kalamitsi beach, and it is locaked 35km (via Toroni) from Neos Marmaras, while also, the beautiful beaches Kriaritsi and Klimataria are in the south and about 45km away.

In the part of Marmaras to Nikiti, a quite different coastline is waiting for you,it’s prettier, better organised, but more crowded, so you can choose what you prefer.

Right behind the hill in Neos you will come across the Paradisos beach. Sandy and beautiful beach, it’s the nearest to the town with a beautiful sunsets.

After a few minutes drive further to Nikiti is a less known beach Tripotamos and camp Castello. The beach in front of the camp is arranged and you can come to it if you pay 2€ entrance or through the unfinished part for free. Within the arranged part you have a drugstore, tavern, sunbeds and umbrellas. Unarranged part of it is much bigger and on the beach there are several large private houses. This part of the beach is wide, sandy, with no crowd, and the depth of the water is gradual. Sunsets are very beautiful here.

Next to the beach Tripotamos there is another beach with no name, slighlty smaller, but similar characteristics and it separaters the beach Tripotamos from Lagomandra. These two beaches are an excellent choice if you want to avoid the crowd that is most frequently found on Lagomandra.

The famous Lagomandra is right there, 8km away from Neos Marmaras. And it consists of two parts. It is known for its natural shade. You should come to visit it earlier in the morning if you want to take a good place.

The first part is not regulated and there is less crowd and natural shade. The other part belongs to the hotel Lagomandra so in this part you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. There is a lot of shade in this part of the beach.

Cost that starts from Lagomandra until the Spathies beach is called Elia beach. It is a long, choppy beach, in some parts with natural shade. This beach is unusual, narrow, gravel - stone and it’s used mainly by guests of nearby hotels, but it would be a nice ride along the coast because it is wooded and beautifully arranged. In this area there are several luxury hotels, apartment accommodation, a few taverns … Whenever we have the opportunity, instead of a highway to Nikiti, we like to go through Elia, in order to admire this area and a beautifully decorated apartments, hotels and private homes.

Shortly after the end of Elia beach, which is 2km long, driving the same way (no return to the highway), you will come across the small Spathies beach. It is a small and very beautiful bay, where dominates one tree with a large treetop under whose shade usually accommodate all visitors of this small beach. If you do not mind the crowd, this beach can be a great serve. If you go further to the left of a small Spathies beach through a private area, you will experience a large Spathies beach. There is no crowd because in its back are only private houses, the beach is not arranged, there is no long shoal, but it has a nice colour and it’s often windy. From the beach Spathies can be reached a famous Kalogria, and it takes a 2-3 minutes of walk.

Kalogria is the long, sandy beach with shallow water and natural shade. It is very popular, it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki and it’s often crowded and that is why it is a problem to find a parking place. On this beach there are arranged and free parts, so everyone can find what suits them best. The most beautiful part of the beach is on the left part, when looking towards the sea, close to the hotel Mango because in this part there are no stones in the water, the shoal is longer (for ones who like it) and has more natural shade.

At the right part of the beach is Isla beach bar with nice music, and from the Isla with an easy walk over the hill, you can go down to the beach Koviou, another pearl of Sithonia. It is a smaller beach from Kalogria, but equally beautiful, with bright blue sea colour and gradual depth. It’s not visited that much. Along the highway there is a small parking, and it can be reached through the hotel Makednos, so as by turning towards Isla bar where you can also leave your car.

After Koviou beach, 15km away from Neos Marmaras is located Agios Ioannis beach with excellent bar Riviera. This beach hasn’t shallow parts, it’s long, without the crowd, with turquoise sea and a large parking area. Greater part of the beach is not rarranged so it represents a paradise for those who do not want crowd and who have their own equipment.

On the sideway to Agios Ioannis is located Castri beach that doesn’t stand out particularly in relation to the average beaches in Halkidiki, but usually it’s not crowded, there are beautiful sunsets so it could suit to anyone looking for more peace in the high season.

And we have come to Nikiti which is far away about 20km from Neos Marmaras, so as from Toroni. We enumerated all the beaches that are located up to a maximum of 20km from Neos Marmaras. Tour of these beaches will suit to those who do not want to go far away from the city.

For those who are more active on vacation, we have to mention that if you want to visit only the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki, regardless to the distance from Marmaras, we will add suggestions for visiting the beaches on the east coast of Sithonia.
From the already mentioned beach under mandatory visit are included: Lagomandra, Kalogria, Koviou and Agios Ioannis. If you want to visit the beaches which are not that much visited, add to the list Aretes and Tristinika.

About 27km away from Neos Marmaras is one of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia called Trani Ammouda or Livrochio. It is located on the east coast and it should be visited.
On the east coast, about 27km from Neos Marmaras, and just behind the city Ormos Panagias is located Lagonisi beach which is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki, about 37km from Neos Marmaras is the famous Karidi which should be visited too and which is located in Vourvourou.

For those who don’t want to miss the most famous beach on the peninsula, Orange beach, it’s located about 50 kilometers from Neos Marmaras. Once you get to Orange beach, you should visit, even briefly, Mega Portokali which is only 500m before the Orange, you may like it even more.

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