This beach is jewel of southern Sithonia. Tigania consists of several smaller bays, which are not all organized. Less visited, but on these beaches you can enjoy peace. Since recently, there is a bar that fits perfectly into the exotic look of these beautiful beaches. On the beach there are only about 10 umbrellas, so if you do not have your own, it’s not bad to get to the beach early to take your place.
The bar serves an excellent souvlaki (skewers) in the afternoon .If you love to enjoy the peace, you can stay here until the sunset. Except in high season, the beaches are really isolated and visited by only a few people.On the beach there are no showers, no internet. There are only Toi-Toi toilets.

If you plan to stay all day at the beach, it is better to bring some food with you. Near Tigania are famous Kriaritsi and Klimataria, so on the same day you can also visit some of them. Getting to the beach Tigania can be used for dinner at a famous restaurant ‘5 steps in the sand’ ‘on the beach Limanaki in Sykia.

Tiganias one of our favorite corners in Sithonia, and in high season we always prefer choosing it than some of the more popular beaches.

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