City beach in this small fisherman’s place is small as well, sandy and with gradual depth. On the beach there are no sunbeds or umbrellas. There are only few taverns which are famous by excellent food on whole Chalkidiki.

Since one of the best sandy beaches on Sithonia, Trani Ammouda is next to Ormos Panagias (belongs to it), tourists very rare use the city beach for swimming.

Around Ormos Panagias there are few more beaches that are ranked as the best ones on Sithonia (Lagonisi, Talgo, as well Karidi, Fava…).

Ormos Panagias has an excellent position for touring around Sithonia, and the city beach can be used, but most tourists decide not to swim there. It is close to the small port, so it can be one of the raesons why tourists are avoiding it. Anyway, all tourists who are staying in Ormos Panagias, for sure have many beautiful beaches in its vicinity.

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