For families with children, the most important thing is a good choice of accommodation as well as proximity to a beach that will suit children. A beach where children swim should have a gradual entrance to the sea, be shallow, be sandy, and ideally have natural shade.

The best beaches with natural shade in Kassandra

There are few beaches in Kassandra with natural shade and none that has as much natural shade as Lagomandra in Sithonia, for example. We will list a few beaches below that have at least some natural shade.

The first one is located near Kriopigi It has no name and it is wild. There are steep steps leading to it through the forest, there is no large parking lot, but you park next to a narrow road, but if you like natural shade, it’s really worth getting there. To make it easier to find it, look for Eos Luxury Suites on the map, and on the highway you will see a sign with a detour to this accommodation.
The beach we are talking about is located below this house.

As we mentioned, there is no parking, but you need to leave your car somewhere along the road when you get close enough to the beach. A path with steps through the forest leads you to the beach. It takes 7-8 minutes to reach the beach on foot through the forest, but the journey can be longer if you leave your car a little further.

Most of the beach is free for visitors with their equipment, although this changes from year to year and some new umbrellas are constantly being added. There is enough shade, in one part there is also shade in the water, which is especially pleasant for children. The sea has a very gradual depth, and the sand is mostly on the shore and on the seabed.

The sun sets early here, because there is a hill above the beach, so the temperature is always a few degrees lower on this beach than in the city. This is especially pleasant during July and August, and outside the season it gets cold quickly, so swimming is possible until 3-4 in the afternoon. The most shade is in the afternoon.

Do not forget that the beach is wild, the access is a little more difficult, so take everything you need with you, water and food, because it would be difficult to get back to the car.

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This stretch from Kallithea to Kriopygi has a few more parts with natural shade. The first part of the beach is near the famous Agora restaurant. The advantage of this beach is that you can use the parking lot of the Agora restaurant, which is quite large, go down the path to the restaurant and then go left along the beach towards Kallithea. As soon as you pass the lounge chairs belonging to the Agora restaurant, you come across a nice and wide part of the beach with some natural shade, especially in the afternoon. There is no crowd here and there is enough space for visitors with their own equipment. This beach is called Lefki Peristera. T
he best way to get to it is to follow the signs to the Agora restaurant, and on the opposite side of the beach is the Alexander The Great hotel.
We have to mention that Agora restaurant has beautiful sea view and nice sea food, and there is also beach bar next to the restaurant.

Another beautiful beach with natural shade on the same stretch is located near the Aktaion cafe. Here too, follow the signpost to the cafe, park your car in the cafe’s parking lot, which is quite large and in the shade, and then pass by the cafe and go left along the beach and choose the most beautiful part of the beach for yourself. The nicer part is in the bay which is not right next to the cafe. There is also natural shade, there are no deckchairs and you can set up your equipment and enjoy.
Aktaion cafe is one of the most pleasant cafes in Kassandra. It has natural shade, nice yard and very nice view to the sea.

There are two more beaches with some natural shade on Kassandra, but with slightly more difficult access. They are both between Siviri and Skala Fourka.

The first one is Agios Nikolaos beach. It was named so because of the chapel located at the beginning of the beach. The road to this beach is dirt and quite steep, there is a lot of dust, but also difficult ruts. We believe that this beach is suitable for adventurers and for those who really want to be alone and find a beach with a minimum of visitors. The beach is completely wild, has both sandy and rocky parts and seems a bit Robinsonian. T

Koutsoupia beach, also a wild and Robinson beach, is located on that stretch. There is also a partly dirt road leading to it, but it is much shorter and less steep than to Agios Nikolaos beach. At the beginning of the beach, there is a lot of leaves and algae, just like on Agios Nikolaos beach, but the further you go, the more beautiful it gets and the more shade there is. Both of these beaches are more for people who really want peace and solitude and don’t like commercial places

Unfortunately, other beaches do not have natural shade, but they are good for children because they have long shallow, and fine sand, and they are as follows:
-City beach in Kallithea (between Zeus and Margarita hotels),
- Xenia beach\, it used to have natural shade before\, but not anymore
-city beach in Siviri,
- the beach in front of the Sani resort (within the Anemos cafe)\, as well as
-Egeopelagitic beach in Posidi.
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Which place to choose for a vacation with children on Kassandra?

Several resorts in Kassandra are suitable for families with small children. Kalithea and Siviri might be the best choice. Popular places like Hanioti, Polychrono, and Pefkohori are also places for families, but with more crowds.
Skala Furka and Siviri are ideal for small children. Siviri is especially popular among families with small children because it has a nice beach with wonderful sunsets, so swimming is extended until dark. Siviri is quiet and great for resting. Both places are small and without much content, especially Skala Fourka.
However, if you want the evening crowds, you can always visit Kallithea, which is very close to them. Kallithea has a fantastic, probably the most beautiful city beach in Halkidiki. The beach is sandy, the sea is shallow, water is calm and transparent, so it is a paradise for children to frolic and play in the sand. For Kallithea, we recommend you hurry up with a reservation of accommodation located near the coast because they sell out already in January. 
The rest of the accommodations are located on high ground, above the beach, in the city itself, so if you need to be close to the beach, we don’t recommend staying on the hill.
Posidi also has a beautiful beach, and the place is very quiet. Two kilometers from the city center, there is the famous Egeopelagitika beach, which does not have a long shallow, but has a gradual depth and is not crowded, so it is suitable for families with children.
If a long shallow beach is less important to you, and you want a lot of content for children and adults during the day and evening, choose Polichrono, Hanioti, and Pefkohori.
Polychrono is a small, quiet place, and Hanniotti is more lively and beautiful and has more content. The beaches are similar, narrow in both places, as well as in Pefkohori, known for its crowds.
Nea Flogita has a sandy beach with a gradual depth. Nea Flogita has everything you need for a holiday, restaurants, shops, promenades, decent beach. The sea is not turquoise like in Halkiidki, but it is clean. Sometimes it can get cloudy after the rains and when there are the biggest crowds, but, it is a pleasant place for a family vacation. Nea Plagia is merged with Nea Flogita, so these two places are practically the same, although Nea Plagia is a bit quieter and has fewer visitors.

Places to Visit in Kassandra: Escape the Crowds

During the season, there is noise and crowding almost everywhere on Kassandra.
Egepolegitika Beach in Posidi is long and somewhat less frequented, so it is quieter there.
The towns of Polichrono, Hanioti, and Pefkohori are almost connected, but the coast between them is less frequented since there are mostly private houses, not hotels.
The beaches with a natural shade that we mentioned above are also less known and less frequented.
The coast named Golden Beach is also wide and not crowded like city beaches in bigger places.
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