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alexandra beach in pefkari  (8)
Published March 21, 2020 9 comments

Alexandra Beach in Pefkari

Beach in [Pefkari]( consists of two parts (left part and the main one - right part). The left part of the beach in front of the camp ''Pefkari'' extends all the way to luxury hotel Alexandra Beach. This part of the beach is not organized along its length, so sunbeds are...

sykia beach sithonia 4
Published May 10, 2017 no comments

Sykia beach

When we visited Sykia for the first time, we couldn't quite understand why would someone want to spend their holiday in such a small place with so little content. After spending a month in the South of Sithonia, we were proven wrong and we found out that Sykia really...

amolofi beach nea peramos kavala (29)
Published March 8, 2014 2 comments

Ammolofi Beach

Ammolofi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the northern Greece. It is a beach several kilometers long, sandy in the water and on shore, with golden, very fine sand like flour. Beach geographically belongs to the town of Nea Peramos and from the...

platanitsi beach sarti sithonia 0006
Published October 20, 2015 no comments

Platanitsi beach

Platanitsi is situated about 3 km away north of Sarti. It's the first nice beach that you will come across when going from Sarti to Vourvourou along the east coast. The beach is a part of a camp with the same name. The beach is marked well and it has...

Kalamitsi 1
Published May 13, 2014 no comments


Kalamitsi is a small and peaceful place in the very south of Sithonia with the beach bearing the same name. This destination is a perfect choice for all those who wants to have a relaxing vacation, away from hustle and noise, which is possible in bigger and more popular...

Armenistis beach 1
Published May 28, 2014 no comments

Armenistis beach

Armenistis beach is more or less halfway between [Sarti]( and [Vourvourou]( Since it is so deservedly the owner of the Blue Flag, its perfection will take your breath away. Its length of almost 1km and a rough semi-circle shape, being broad enough like a football playground, having the fine...

Trani Ammouda beach 2
Published May 17, 2014 1 comment

Trani Ammouda beach

Trani Amoudia or Livrohio which is its second name, is situated nearby [Ormos Panagias]( This big sandy beach is one of the best on Sitonia. You can expect to sea the turquoise and crystal clean sea, the fine and smooth sand, with more enough space to put your parasols...

paradissos beach sithonia 1
Published October 15, 2015 no comments

Paradissos beach

Paradissos beach in [Neos Marmaras]( is a narrow, sandy beach with shallow water for the children. The beach is arranged and ideal for families. In the back there are a few hotels and villas, but not too many so that the visitors of this beach can enjoy some peace and...

kriaritsi beach sithonia 10
Published October 12, 2015 no comments

Kriaritsi beach

Kriaritsi beach is located in the south of Sithonia and belongs to the city [Sikia]( It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia.It is a long beach (about 1km) wide, with slightly bigger sand, very clear water and beautiful blue water. On the beach there are two...

klimataria beach sithonia 10
Published October 14, 2015 no comments

Klimataria beach

Klimataria is one of the TOP 10 beaches in Halkidiki. When you come to a large [Sikia beach](, turn right across the cobbled road that takes you to the sea next to the two smaller beaches ([Linaraki]( and [Pigadaki]( each of which deserves to be visited at least once....