Nikiti is in the best position for a tour of Sithonia. It is only about hundred kilometers away from Thessaloniki.

As far as the beaches, there are two beaches in the town. One is left from the port when looking towards to the sea and that is the town beach, which is very long and extends to more than two kilometers in the direction of Neos Marmaras. The beach is mostly sandy, but there are parts that have stones in the water. The most beautiful part of the beach is the very beginning, at the dock, and the other half of the beach, at cafe Saint George. One part at the cafe has fine sand on the shore and in the water and it has a gradual depth. This part of the beach is wider than the beach in front of the cafes, and there is less crowd and some natural shade.
The local beach, which is right from the dock, is also long, but narrow. Here the sand has a darker colour, so the colour of the sea is not that pretty as much as it is at the rest of Sithonia.

If you go to Neos Marmaras you can expect a large number of beaches, some of which are among the most beautiful on Sithonia.

First you will come across to a Castri beach which is not the best, but it is suitable for those who want small, popular beaches and that are less crowded. 5km from Nikiti towards Marmaras is located Agios Ioannis, one of the most beautiful beaches of Sithonia, than Koviou (6km), Kalogria (7km) and Spathies small and large (8km). Koviou and Kalogria and are on the list of the most beautiful on Sithonia.

About 10 kilometers from Nikiti, on the halfway to Marmaras is Elia beach, 2km long. This beach is narrow, disorganized, broken with promontories and rocks, and certainly, it’s not one of the nicest on Sithonia. We advise you just to ride next to them because it is in a very beautiful area, full of larch trees.

Immediately after Elia, 14km from Nikiti there is the famous Lagomandra. The beach known for its abundance of natural shade and a large attendance is one of the nicest on Sithonia. You should come early to this beach so you could enjoy it in deep shade, and until there is no crowd, but also to easily find a free parking place.

Next beach is less known Tripotamos beach that consists of two parts. The unarranged part without the crowd and arranged one in front of the camp Castello. This beach is not that much visited and is suitable for those who don’t want the crowd on the beach.

Paradisos beach is located in the “suburb” of Neos Marmaras and it serves more to the guests who are accommodated in apartments near the beach than the visitors from the side. Otherwise, the beach itself is beautiful, but there are more beautiful beaches so you don’t need to stay too long here.

Las Bandidas beach is about 33km away from Nikiti. This beach is not one of the nicest on Sithonia but it has a natural shade, it’s good for diving, without the crowd, with a soft Latin music, and a whole area where it’s located is tempting for adventurers and those who prefer less commercial and less frequented beaches. About this area, we wrote more details, when we were describing Neos Marmaras and beaches around it.

About 40km from Nikiti there are beautiful beaches Aretes, Tristinika and Destenika. All are located near Toroni. They aren’t within the top 10 beaches in Halkidiki, but they are certainly among the most beautiful, non-commercial beaches.

If you do not have time to visit all the beaches that we have mentioned, those that are required are: Agios Ioannis, Koviou, Lagomandra and Kalogria.
The others you can leave for another time.

Nikiti is an excellent choice as a location because both the beaches on the east and on the west coast are easily accessible.

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If you go to the east of the city first you will encounter Ormos Panagias and Trani Ammouda beach (Livrochio) located about 500m before Ormos. This beach is very long and wide, with turquoise and very clear water. The disadvantage is that more often it’s windy, but the big advantage is that is never crowded and there is always plenty of room for parking. So Trani Ammouda should be a required station. Otherwise, from Nikiti is only 7km away.

About 8km from Nikiti, a little after Ormos Panagias towards Sarti, there is Lagonisi beach. This beach is another jewel of Sithonia with turquoise sea and fine sand and very popular among parents with children. The beach has a little natural shade and as it belongs to the cafe, there is a very little space for the ones with their own equipment. In this area between Vourvourou and Ormos there is a small beach in the lee called Latoura and it’s always with a calm sea, but also with numerous of tied boats that interfere with the enjoyment of this small beach. Talgo beach is only a kilometer after Lagonisi) towards Sarti and 9km away from Nikiti. It is also organized beach with a large number of sunbeds and a very little space for visitors with their own equipment. The beach is sandy on the coast, in water are rocky and sandy parts. It’s popular for young people because of the music from the bar, which is pretty loud.

Seventeen kilometers from Nikiti, in Vourvourou, is one of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia, Karidi. Fine sand, long shoal, turquoise sea, without wind and waves, natural shade and of course a big crowd. You should visit it early organized ring, late in the afternoon or out of season. The beach is not organized.

Only 18km from Nikiti, also in Vourvourou is unmarked and onorganized Fava beach with its several bays. Also sandy, but without shallow, this beach is a favorite of many who prefer less commercial but beautiful beaches.

On the stretch between Vourvourou and Sarti there are a number of beaches and if you are adventurous and like to explore, it is the best that you find by yourself the one that suits you best. Most of the beaches are far away from the main road. Ones that we would like to allocate are: Zografou, Bahia, Rodia, Oneirou (Manassou) and Armenistis. Click on the name of the beach to read a little more about it.

Around 37km from Nikiti there is the famous Orange Beach and coastal area Kavourotripes. This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in northern Greece, and according to some, in the whole of Greece. Countless small bays surrounded by white walls, fine white sand, turquoise sea always clean and clear, and a long shoal. This coast also has a beach Mega Portokali which we also advise you to visit. Paradiso beach or Dukina, as some call it, is also beautiful, but difficult to approach so we wouldn’t recommend it to the families with children.

When you continue from the Orange beach towards Sarti you will come across Platanitsi beach, which belongs to the same named camp. Entrance is 2e. The beach is beautiful, long and wide, with fine sand and frequent wind. It is known by Afro cafe bar which is very popular among young people.

Sarti is located 43km from Nikiti and it’s great for evening walks, so after visiting the beaches you can go to Sarti and walk through this charming town.

For those aspiring to the south of Sithonia, there are at least 5 beaches that are worth visiting such as Klimataria, Kriaritsi, Tourkolimnionas, Tigania and Kalamitsi. All of them are located about 50km from Nikiti.

The beaches that we selected as required for a visit on the east side, if you are located in Nikiti are: Trani Ammouda, Lagonissi, Karidi, Orange and Mega Portokali.

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