We continue our circle around the island.

We have reached the Blue Palace hotel and are moving on to Scala Maries (Marion). It is 4 km from Trypiti. We approach the scale and instead of passing it by turning right, we continue moving forward in order to pass through the place, and that way get back on the main road.As I have previously mentioned, at the entrance into the Scala Maries, you can see the small Sugar beach or Atspas on the left. As you continue the journey, right after the first bend, as soon as you can see the scale, it is not a bad idea to stop the car and see a small statue of Our Lady at the spot where a child had drowned. It is on the rock, by the water. It’s nice to take a walk along the scale, as I have already written somewhere, and then take the only road leading into the village. It is a small place, so I’m quite sure you will manage to find your way out and back onto the main road, and continue towards Limenas. Actually, once you are back on the main road, you can turn either left or right. Limenas is on the left, whereas the road towards Limenaria is on the right, as well as the village of Maries, the lake, the monastery…

You go left to make a circle around the island. If you wish to see other small villages, other than Potos, Limenaria and Limenas, there are plenty of them along that stretch of road. I’m sure you will find nice beaches, wild ones as well the city ones, nice hotels… When you enter Prinos, you will see a road on the right, leading to Kazaviti, which you must visit if you like nature and authentic small places. There is a State Health Center in Prinos where examinations are free, so if you’re near and have a problem, you can go there. All you need is a passport. If you drive to the port in Scala Prinos, 2km left of the port you come onto very nice area, Dasilio, full of greenery, pine trees, nice beaches with natural shade. And there is also the hotel Ilio Mare with pleasant open bar where you can take a break and have a drink.

In Rahoni, by the main road, on the right is the biggest supermarket on the island.

30-40km from Limenaria and 2 km from the big supermarket is Pahis beach, well known sandy beach with natural shade. You will see the sign “Pahis Beach hotel”, turn left there and you are right on the beach.

Right after the Pahis beach is a small beach with natural shade called Glifoneri. I wrote how to get to it in one of the previous posts. It is important to follow the signs for the Glifoneri tavern, which is on the beach.

There is 10 km from Pahis to Limenas. Along that road, you will see a couple of interesting beaches Papalimani, Glyfada, Glikadi, Nisteri, Tarzanas and the most famous, La Scala which you should visit if you like urban beaches with nice bar, music and good service.