Besides Vasiliki being a very nice place, perhaps the most beautiful in Lefkada, it is also a great base for visiting the most beautiful and popular beaches of Lefkada.

Only 2km from Vasiliki is Agiofili, one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada. You can reach it by car and the road is ew and good. You can also reach it by foot or by boats from the town.
When you reach the beach and see it from above, you will be delighted. Unlike other popular beaches in Lefkada (Egremni, Porto Katsiki …) the sea is not milky blue, but transparent and excellent for diving.

The works on asphalting the shortcut over the hill from Vasiliki to the beaches of Porto Katsiki and Egremni are over! Now you can reach the famous beaches from Vasiliki and these beaches are 15km away. Vasiliki is now becoming the best base for touring the beaches of the west coast of Lefkada !!!

Kathisma Beach is about 40km west coast with more serpentines and narrow roads, so going by car to this beach requires a slower drive that takes more than an hour.

Rouda Bay Beach (Mikros Gialos or Poros) is on a 20km distance. From the beach Afteli divides you 11km, and to, very nice and tucked into the greenery and flowers, places, Sivote, ten kilometers.

In the surrounding area, towards the Nidri and Kathisma, there are numerous smaller and larger beaches that you can discover on the spot.

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