Achlada beach is locates in the north part of Sarti, just on the edge of the town, on the way to Vourvourou. It is well marked so you will find it easily.
This beach is consisted from two bays. In the left one there is a camp and a marina.
Ahlada in English means pear, but in this case it is referred to concrete dock that protects the bigger, left bay from the wind so that the boats in the marina could stay safe from the waves.
Right bay is tucked in between the rocks so it always has calm water and it can be a good option when there are waves in Sarti.
The beach is sandy, as well as the sea bottom in the beginning, after what it becomes rocky.
In the afternoon the beach has natural shade made from the surriunding rocks.
The right part of the beach is also used by nudists and campers.
There are no sunbeds, umbrellas and bars so if you plan on sticking around you should bring your own food and water.
This beach can be useful when there are waves in Sarti and you don’t want to drive too far. Also, you can get to this beach by foot. It is a 10 minute walk if you are accommodated in the old part of Sarti. Giving that this beach is not standing out with its beauty, we recommend that you go for about 2-3 km to the north to Platanitsi beach, or 1 km to the south to Platania beach.

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