We're arrived in Limenas, the capital of the island. It is the biggest town on the island, with the largest facilities for tourists. I suggest you to come to this city in the early evening to enjoy long walks and a wide promenade along the coast. Limenas is crowded with small shops, taverns and cafes, and there are amusement park for children. In this town you can dine in one of the beautiful tavern with delicious food on the coast or in the narrow streets in the heart of the town.

Driving eastward after just 2km you experience one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Makryammos beach. It is a beautiful sandy beach, the only one in which the entrance is not free. If you continue the drive after 4km on dirt and dusty road you come by a Marble Beach (Saliara).

Only 10km east coast from Limenas is a large bay or better yet long sandy beach that connects Skala Potamia and Skala Panagia (Golden Beach). Visit to these places should be definately used for swimming because the beach is sandy and well-kept, with clean and clear water. If you want, you can dine in one of the fine restaurants on the coast or drive another 3-4 minutes to the mountain village of Panagia, which is known for its good lamb. Panagia is the most beautiful traditional village on the island, known for its narrow, cobbled streets, full of shops of handicrafts, local food products, olive oil, great lamb on a spit. It's nice to take a walk to the church and visit the source and bridge of love that are in the shadow of the sumptuous canvases.

Driving east coast 10km more you come by a small town Kinneara, and just outside this town you can find one of the most beautiful, sandy beach on the island, Paradise beach. From the highway to Paradise beach leads a winding, dirt road, but you should certainly leave a day at least for this beach. As the sun sets on the beach very early, you can use that to visit famous Alyki beach. It is more than ten kilometers away from the Paradise beach. There are two bays, sandy and rocky or better to say windy and quiet. If you get hungry, I recommend you to visit the restaurant Archontissa located on a bend 300m before the beach (coming from the Paradise beach). With the stunning sunsets and breathtaking views of the bay you can enjoy deliciously prepared food. Alyki is a sandy beach with very clear water, and archaeological sites in the hinterland.

Only a kilometer from Alyki towards Potos is Kekes. A beautiful beach with a romantic restaurant on the seafront in the shade of tall pines. Kekes beach is ideal for lovers of rocky beaches.

Driving one more kilometer you come by another bay, Thimonia, which is mostly rocky.

At approximately 3 kilometers from the beach Thimonia to Potos is the famous monastery of St. Archangel Michael which must be visited primarily because it is great sanctity, but also because of the beautiful buildings within the complex and fantastic views of the sea that extends from the cliff on which is the monastery terrace.

Below the monastery, there are two bays Arsanas and Livadi beach. Arsanas beach is difficult to access and smaller beach with beautiful turquoise water. Livadi beach is larger, organized beach with sandy and rocky areas. If you like wild bay, then be sure to stop by Arsanas beach but take into account that the way to her is dirty, dusty and with holes.

On the way from the monastery to the place Astris you are passing by more interesting and wild coves that you can discover yourself. Astris is a little place and is known primarily because, Psili Ammos beach is located there. It is 500m from Astris to Potos. Psili Ammos is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island.

Four kilometers after Psili Ammos is a small, sandy cove Notos, ideal for families with children because of the fine sand. Followed right after it, is a sandy cove Roso Gremos, and almost in the extension, sandy and shallow beach of San Antonio, which connects to the town beach in Potos.

So, we visited a full circle around the island with a circumference of 92km. I hope you will enjoy the ride and tour of the places and swimming at the beaches, which I have mentioned in my articles.