Sithonia has so many beaches that it’s nearly impossible to visit all of them during only one vacation. It could take years of spending holidays in Sithonia in order to fully explore and discover it.It has a lot of content for all tourist profiles.

We will try to present you in this article the most beautiful and the mos popular beaches and sights that every visitor
should visit. You could leave the discovery of some lesser-known beaches, as well as some hidden and wild bays, for some feature holidays…

The most famous beach in Sithonia is certainly the Orange and it should definitely be on your list of must-see places. You should visit it as early as possible so you could take the right spot and wait for the noon, when the sea is getting the most beautiful color. Next to the Orange beach is the Mega Portokali, which is not far behind in beauty, and you could visit it the same day.

Karidi is second in beauty beach of Sithonia. For it, as well as for the Orange, is characteristic shallow and fine sand,a natural shade and a beautiful sea that seldom has the waves. You should arrive early to this beach as well.
The crowd can significantly reduce it’s beauty during July and August.

Other beaches can not be compared to each other, in terms of beauty, each one of them is beautiful in it’s own way:
Trani Ammouda, Lagonisi, Klimataria, Kalamitsi, Kalogria, Lagomandra. All of these beaches are the true pearls of Sithonia.

In our opinion, the most vibrant place is Neos Marmaras, so it iss great for vibrant evening variants.Nikiti has the most beautiful promenade, so it is a perfect choice for a dinner by the sea. Sarti has the longest and the most content promenade, so it’s the equally suitable for going out.

The village of Agios Nikolaos has the authentic atmosphere, and we kindly reccomend that you visit this village, preferbly after 7pm. You can enjoy in drink or dinner on the market, with locals.

The Ormelia Monastery is a great sanctuary and a very important monastery in Greece, so if you want this type of
experience during your vacation, you have our warmest recommendations.

You would certainly want to taste, during your holiday, some saltwater fish. We advise you not to skip Porto Koufo, a very interesting place and a large natural port, that is known for it’s fish taverns.Our favorite is the Tzitzikas tavern, located in the harbor, and we are quite sure that you will not miss it. We recommend you to visit is in the evening.

To complete your stay in Sithonia, you should visit the tavern Five Steps in the Sand. It is located in Sykia,on the beach Pygadaki. It offers you the great food and even better ambience. It should be visited, as well, in the evening.

If you have a little more time and you prefer the more active holiday, the visit of the Diaporos island and the Blue Lagoon will remain the unforgettable memory. In order to get there, you’ll need to rent a boat in Vourvourou (you should rent the boat at least one week in advance. The beauty of Blue Lagoon is beyond words.

In our opinion, everything that we mentioned is quite enough for the first holiday in Sithonia. Of course, you will
certainly spend time swimming on some city beach, because they are, as well, very beautiful.

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