Sitonia as a whole is renowned as a family destination. All the places are tranquil and the majority of tourists are indeed families with children. Some places stand out as favorites due to the beautiful urban beaches with fine sand and shallow water, giving them an advantage over others.

Vourvourou is the most sought-after place and also the one with the most expensive accommodation. The town itself lacks amenities for children, as it has no center or promenade. However, what makes this place so popular among families is the accommodation that directly leads to the beach from its courtyard. This is the only place with a large number of such accommodations, making it unique and highly sought after. Who wouldn’t love a beach in their backyard? From grass to sand, without crossing the street. Many accommodations even have their own beach loungers. The beach in Vourvourou may not be the most beautiful, but it is mostly sandy and gradually deepens or has shallow parts.
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After Vourvourou, Toroni is the second most popular place among families with children, primarily because it has a beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear sea. The depth of the sea is gradual and there is enough space for children to splash around, even though there isn’t a long knee-deep shallow area. Families love this place because the beach is both long and wide, offering plenty of space. The town itself is very peaceful, without clubs and loud music. Children stay on the beach until dusk, playing by the magnificent sunset. The place has everything necessary for a peaceful, family vacation.
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Nikiti is the second choice for families with children for several reasons. It has a large promenade perfect for family walks and strolls with strollers, scooters, and bikes. In the vicinity of Nikiti, there are some of the most beautiful beaches for children with natural shade, such as Kalogria, Spathies, Karidi, Lagonisi, and similar. The city beach in Nikiti is long and has lovely sandy sections.
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Sarti has been very popular among families with children for years, especially the New Part of Sarti and Sarti Beach, where the water is very shallow, only a few meters deep. In this part, there are no big waves and it is much quieter and more pleasant for a family vacation with small children compared to the old part of Sarti. Sarti has the longest promenade and the most toys and activities for children in the evening hours. The town is flat, so children can ride their scooters and bikes, and it is also suitable for strollers. Note: Sarti is more windy than other places, so expect to spend a few days on nearby windless beaches like Orange, Mega Portokali, Klimataria during your vacation. This should not be a problem at all because these beaches are fantastic for children.
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Neos Marmaras has a remarkably beautiful city beach, with shallow waters, pristine sea, and natural shade. Therefore, this place is also one of the favorites for families with children. Neos Marmaras is a vibrant place, with a splendid atmosphere and plenty of entertainment for children. Note: the city beach is located outside the center, so we advise you to seek accommodation near the city beach and the stadium, rather than in the center of the town. The place does not have a proper promenade, and people mostly walk along the sidewalk, which is not very pleasant for a family stroll. However, the place has 3 small squares, with plenty of space for play and running.
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Which beaches in Sithonia are suitable for children?

There are several beautiful beaches with accommodation that some families choose for their summer vacation with children. These families make such choices because it is important for them to be located on a beautiful beach suitable for children, while being able to go to neighboring places for larger purchases and evening walks. And that is a perfectly good way to have a great time with children, as the most important thing for children is, without a doubt, a beautiful beach for all-day stay, while in the evening you can visit neighboring places if you want crowds and entertainment.

The most popular beach for this type of vacation is Kalamitsi with around 15 accommodations (check accommodation HERE`). The small town of Sikia is becoming an increasingly popular choice for families with children. Sikia has the following beaches that young children adore: Klimataria, Tourkolimnionas, Pigadaki, Limanaki, and the city beach which is excellent. Find accommodation in Sikia HERE.

Klimataria is becoming increasingly popular lately, and this beach is one of the best on the entire Halkidiki for young children, primarily due to its very shallow waters and fine sand. Each of these smaller beaches in Sikia has several accommodation options.

And finally, Trani Ammouda, a long and beautiful sandy beach that has around 20 accommodations, whose guests are mainly families with children. This beach is located near Nikiti, so during the day, you can enjoy Trani Ammouda - one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia, and in the evening, take a stroll in Nikiti.

For more information, see the article: Best beaches in Sithonia for families with young children.

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