South of Sithonia is a real treasure, full of beautiful beaches. Many of them are not so famous.

Sykia is the only major place on the south of Sithonia which is getting more popular last years. In Sykia there are affordable accommodations than many similar in other major places. Near to Sykia there are some of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia and whole Halkidiki.

The place Sykia has a long (1,5km), wide and sandy beach which has a Blue Flag. This beach has very fine sand, both on the coast and in the sea, and there is a shallow for children. Next to the beach there is enough space for parking and the beach is never crowded. Heaven. Just one small part of the beach is organized, everything else is on disposal to the visitors with their own equipment.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia are located near Sikia

On the west side od Sykia, at walking distance from place and the main beach, there are the following beaches: Linaraki, Limanaki i Tourkolimnionas. Tourkolimnionas is the most beautiful among them, always in the lee and with wonderful sea and fine sand.

Further on the same side there is a beach Klimataria which is among the most beautiful beaches on whole Sithonia. Klimataria is only 3,5km far from Sykia and it is perfect for families with children because of very fine sand and shallow. Around 4,5 km from here there is a beach Tigania which looks like exotic beaches. In order to get to it, follow the sign for beach bar Delight.

Around 6km far from Sykia there is another gem of Sithonia, the beach Kriaritsi with its three bays. This beach is not crowded, without shallow, for good swimmers and for the ones who like to be alone.

If you drive 7km from the beach Sykia to Toroni, you will arrive to one of the most beautiful beaches in the nothern Greece - Kalamitsi. Wonderful sea, wonderful sand, gradual depth, nice color of the sea… Next to the beach Kalamitsi, there is another bay which is visited by nudists and one which is part of the camp Thallata. Both of them are very beautiful.

Small fisherman’s village Porto Koufo is 16km far from Sykia and there you can try different fish specialities in some of the famous fish taverns. We recommend you to go in tavern Tsitsikas.

Sykia is around 20km far from Toroni and the beaches in its surrounding, where you can enjoy on the beaches Tristinika, Destenika, Aretes, but also on the city beach of Toroni which is also beautiful and it has a Blue Flag.

One of the biggest advantages of Sykia and her location is being close to Sarti which is only 6km far. If you go in direction to Sarti, you can visit some beautiful beaches. To the first two can be reached by foot, their names are Griavas and Valti. By car, using the dirt road, you can arrive to very nice bay, Agridia. Just before entering in Sarti there is Goa, famous for the parties during the night and calm atmosphere and light music during the day. And of course, there is Sarti for night or day walks, full of tourist attractions.

Platanitsi is 9km far from Sykia. It is a beach which belongs to a camp and the entrance has to be paid (2e) if you enter wit a car, but if you decide to park outside and enter bz foot entrance is free. Platanitsi it is very beautiful and it is famous for cafe bar Afri which is popular among young people.

Sykia is 12km far from the most famous beach on Sithonia, the Orange beach, and 12,5km from the beach which shouldn’t be missed, the beach Mega Portokali. It is 13,5 km far from the beach Paradiso or Duke’s beach.

Between the Orange beach and the place Vourvourou there is a large number of beaches which are less famous, but very beautiful, so we recommend you to visit them if you have time and will. We recommend you the beaches Armenistis, Oneirou (Manasu), Rodia, Bahia, Zografou… Click on the name of each one of them to find out more.

Exploring the east coast and the mentioned beaches, you will arrive to place Vourvourou and the beach Fava. It is 33km far from Sykia. The beach is still wild and less famous, withouth the shallow and with wonderful sea. One kilometer further and 34km far from Sykia there is famouse beach Karidi, one of the most beautiful in Sithonia. It is among the beaches which is visited because of the fine sand, shade, shallow, nice and calm sea…

If you don’t mind driving for a long time, you can continue further towards the place Ormos Panagias and just before it you will find one of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia, Lagonisi. It is 39km far from Sykia. If you go further more you will find another gem of Sithonia, the beach Trani Ammouda (Livrochio) which is 42km far from Sykia.

Visiting all the beaches mentioned above is not simple at all, so we made a shortlist which ones you should definitely visit: Tourkolimnionas, Klimataria, Tigania, Kriaritsi i Kalamitsi on the west and Agridia, Orange, Mega Portokali, Karidi, Lagonisi i Trani Ammouda on the east coast.

However, Sykia is in perfect position to visit all the beautiful beaches on Sithonia, and if you don’t mind to stay in the place without, almost, any attractions, Sykia is the right choice.

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The best beaches in Sithonia you can see in this video
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