Nidri is a great option if you want a static holiday because it is rich in various tourist attractions and is very lively and visited in the evening.

Although it is located on the less attractive side of Lefkada and the most popular beaches are a bit farther from other places, you can organize great tours from Nidri, and there are also beautiful but slightly less popular beaches in the area.

The most beautiful beaches near Nidri are:

Desimi 3km away, near Vliho and Geni.

Rouda Beach or Mikros Gialos or Poros Beach (7km) near the village of Poros.

Afteli Beach 10km away from the village of Evgiros.

Ammoussa Beach 17km away, near the village of Kontarena.

Agiofili Beach 22km away, near Vasiliki.

Pondi 22km away, in Vasiliki.

Kavalikefta Beach - 36km away, close to Agios Nikitas and Kalamitsi.

Megali Petra 36km away, near Agios Nikitas and Kalamitsi.

Egremni Beach distant 35km through the hill, or 45km around via Vasiliki.

Porto Katsiki 38km across the hill, or 48km around, via Vasiliki.

Kathisma Beach 29km away, near Agios Nikitas.

Milos Beach 28km away, near Agios Nikitas.

Agios Ioannis 21km away, near Lefkas.

Pefkoulia Beach 27km away, near Agios Nikitas.

The advantage of Nidri over other places is that ship departures to other islands and beaches are right from his port.

In good weather, by motorboat or sailboat that you can rent in Nidri, you can visit most of Lefkada, as well as the islands of Skorpio, Maduri and Meganisi, as well as the islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia. There is also a ferry from Nidri to Kefalonia and several other islands, so you can visit them at your own expense at reasonable prices.

Fans of organized group tours can book their place on one of the ships departing every day from the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada (Egremni, Agiofili and Porto Katsiki) and the nine islands (Skorpios, Maduri, Meganisi, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Kalamos, Kastos, Paxi , Antipaxis).

Accommodation in Nidri.

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