If you like an active vacation and if you are in your own car, you can use your summer vacation in Sithonia to visit Athos. From Nikiti to Ierissos on Athos you have about an hour’s drive. When you start from Nikiti or some other place, you can go through Metamorphosis and Metagitsi and then through the village of Gomati to Ierissos, the second variant is through Agios Nikolaos and then again to Metagitsi and still the same and the third through Pyrgadikia. The first and second variants are equally good, although the road through Metamorphosis to Metagitsi is extremely picturesque for us. The variant via Pyrgadikia is a little further, and the road is more winding, but if you have not visited that part of Sithonia, this is your chance to do so. Pyrgadikia is located between Athos and Sithonia. More information about Pyrgadikia and the surrounding beaches can be found by clicking on the links HERE and HERE.

We suggest that you drive to Athos in a drink, and on the way back visit Metagitsa. When you arrive at Athos, you can stop at the convent of the Hilandar Monastery, Kakovo, the first stop for pilgrims to Mount Athos. Women can also visit the monastery.
More information about Kakovo can be found HERE.
When you arrive at Athos you can decide for yourself how you want to organize the day. Maybe our guide can help you. According to us, a short walk through Ierissos and a trip to the island of Ammouliani are a winning combination. In any case, after the Kakovo monastery, your next stop may be Ierissos. The summer resort is small, so you can possibly visit the church and the aquarium in it, or use the time to take a bath. In that case, we recommend that you visit Kakoudia beach. After Ierissos you can continue to Nea Rodha, walk through this even smaller place and continue further to Komitsa beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches on the peninsula. You can also immediately after Ierissos head to Tripiti, from where the ferry departs to the island of Ammouliani, which is truly the pearl of Halkidiki.
Ferries are frequent, every 15 minutes in high season, and otherwise for half an hour. They sail to the island in only ten minutes. The price for the car is 10€, and 2,5€ per person. If you have plan to visit only Alikes (the most beautiful beach) maybe is better (and cheaper) to leave the car at the parking in Trypiti. If you are two persons and you would like to visit more beaches you can rent a motorbike on the island. The price is arround 15€ per day. The island, apart from the beaches, has no special content and attractions for tourists, so it is best to go immediately to Alikes beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. After swimming and enjoying this beach, it’s time to go back. Lunch can be arranged on the island of Ammouilani or in Ierisaos.
See more about this island HERE.

On the way back to Sithonia, you will definitely visit the village of Metagitsi. It is a small village, but you can walk through the village for ten minutes and enjoy great food and music in one of the local taverns. We are sure that you will return full of positive impressions. Those more ambitious on this way to Athos can visit Pyrgadikia with a lookout point from where there is a view of Athos and Sithonia, then the church in Gomati, Athos beach Legend, Xyropotamos and Ouranopolis, and Ammouliani and Megali Ammos beach, Agios Georgios and Karagatsia.