As we have mentioned many times, in order to get to know a certain destination well and enjoy the most beautiful beaches, it is best to have your own or rented car.

City beaches are usually the least beautiful, and almost all those beaches with turquoise sea are located outside the place where the accommodation facilities are concentrated.

However, that does not mean that tourists who do not have a car can see nothing but the city beaches. With good organization, anything is possible. In this text, we will write instructions for those who are in good shape and want to visit the beaches on foot, and in the following text we will look more at touring the beaches through organized excursions and local buses. First of all, we think that for those who plan to walk around the beaches on foot, it is best to stay in Nikiti, Ormos Panagias, Sikia or Sarti.

Nikiti has a long beach, and its most beautiful part is about 1 km away from the dock and the port and is located in front of the camp and cafe Saint George. If a few kilometers of walking is not a problem, when you go from Nikiti to Neos Marmaras, you will find the following beaches: Castri (3km shortcut, 4.5km highway), 5km away by highway is Agios Ioannis, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia, and then in order Koviou (6km), Kalogria (7km) and Spathies small and large (8km). Koviou and Kalogria are among the 10 most beautiful beaches in Sithonia. We have to mention that there is no walking path to these beaches or sidewalks, unfortunately. From Nikiti you can walk to the old Nikiti which you must not miss. It is ideal to visit old Nikiti in the evening to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in the square, with a drink or dinner under the lanterns.

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If you are staying in Ormos Panagias, right over the hill you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia, the great Trani Ammouda beach. For this you need a 5-6 minute walk. To the beach Latura you have 1km by highway, and to the famous Lagonisi 2km. Talgo beach is 2.5 km away. See more about the beaches around Ormos Panagias HERE.

Sykia is a small town, but rich in beautiful beaches. If you have found accommodation in Sykia, you can also enjoy the city beach itself because it is clean, long and wide. But very close to you are some other beaches that are among the most beautiful in Sithonia. Depending on where you are exactly located in Sykia, the small beach of Linaraki will be a 3 to 15 minute walk away, Pigadaki 1.6km, Tourkolimnionas 2km, Klimataria 3.7km, Tigania about 5km and Kriaritsi about 6km. On the other side of Sykia, towards Sarti you can walk to Griavas beach (1.5km), Valti (2.5km) and to Agridia beach 4.3km. Note that there are walking paths or sidewalks to these beaches, and along the way you will come across beautiful small coves where you can enjoy. To some of the mentioned beaches, count on the hills.

Sarti is a little more than 6km away from Sykia (depending on the starting point), and the beach of Goa is 4.7km, Platania 5.4km. The village of Sykia is about 4km away from the beach. In the village you can visit one of the local taverns and the market on Saturdays. Detailed text about the beaches around Sykia can be found HERE and HERE.

If you are staying in Sarti, you will surely enjoy the city beach 2.5 km long. It is a sandy beach, wide and with a gradual depth. The best part for children is in New Sarti, where the shoal is knee-deep, in some places, several tens of meters long.

Since the beach is long, there is no big crowd, but if you want even more peace then visit the beaches on the outskirts of Sarti, Platania which is 2km away from the center of Sarti and on the other side of Achlada which is a few minutes walk (depending on that where you are located in Sarti Achlada is also a good choice when there is wind on the city beach because it is usually calm in Achlada then.

Goa beach is 4km away from the middle of Sarti, Platanitsi 5.5km, Orange and Mega Portokali about 6km. The advantage of staying in Sarti for those who do not have their own transport is that local agencies organize van transport to the most popular beaches within 15 km, so you have van transport to the famous Orange, Klimataria, Platanitsi, Megaportokali, Kavourotripes Paradise beach, Armenistis, Valti , Tourkolimnionas. The disadvantage of this type of transport is that the beaches arrive relatively late (from 9-10h), and considering that these are very popular beaches, it is already crowded at that time. Return is early in the afternoon. It is still worth leaving, of course, but choose to leave as early as possible. The price of the return ticket is 5-10 €, depending on the distance from Sarti. From Sarti you can visit Goa beach by van. In the center of Sarti, near a large supermarket, there is a fast food kiosk and an always parked van with GOA written on it. It is a van that transports everyone who wants to visit Go for free. It is a van that transports everyone who wants to visit Go for free and comes to the beach at the agreed time to pick them up and return them to Sarta. On the beach, deckchairs and parasols are provided with the ordered drink, and the left part of the beach is free for visitors with their own equipment.

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There are beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Toroni, although they are very similar to the city beach in Toroni, which is fantastic in itself.

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