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road to greece via vlasina lake and bulgaria  (1)
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haski pecat apostille
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A court interpreter is a person authorized by the court to ensure by his signature and seal that the translation of the document is true to the original. Their role is important in public state institutions that participate in interstate cooperation. A court interpreter is a linguistic professional whose services...

blue flag beach neos marmaras sithonia halkidiki
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Beaches with a Blue Flag (2016)

The "Blue Flag" program leads an independent non-profit organization Foundation for Environmental Education, based in Copenhagen, where there is international coordination of the program. The Blue Flag is a symbol of high environmental standards as well as high-quality sanitary and safety conditions at beaches and marinas. An integral part of...

bottled water or tap water  in greece?
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Bottled or tap water in Greece?

In Greece as in Serbia most of the people drink tap water but some also buy bottled water. Bottled water is cheaper in Greece so even if you decide to buy it during your holidays it will not be a big expense. If you still decide to use tap...

mega portokali sithonia chalkidiki

After the guest confirms that he wants to reserve the accommodation, he is obliged to pay the deposit within two or three days. We mentioned the ways of paying deposits (through the bank, Western Union, paypal, etc.). After receiving the payment, the owner is obliged to inform the guest that...