Toroni in recent years has been increasingly popular destination for holidays. For thata it is responsible primarily its beautiful beach, the holder of the Blue Flag. It is a sandy beach with gradual depth, always clean and with a calm sea and mostly without the crowd. This beach boasts a beautiful sunset, and that it's never windy and there are no waves it's an extra plus.

In the surroundings of Toroni there are many other beaches that you can visit during the summer, although the local beach beach it's quite sufficient to many guests and it's perfect for swimming during the entire stay.

In Toroni there are few facilities for demanding tourists, but for a quiet family vacations it's quite enough. The demanding ones in the evening or for the purchase can go to Neos Marmaras, which is located 20km from Toroni or to Sarti which is 30km away. Porto Koufo bay which is well-known for its fish taverns, is only 3km away from Toroni.

On the way to Sarti, from Toroni you can visit many beautiful beaches. The first and probably the best in that area, but also on the whole Halkidiki it's Kalamitsi. It is only 14km away and is a paradise both for families with children and for all visitors who prefer sandy beaches and endless crystal clear sea.

Twenty kilometers from Toroni in the same direction are beaches Kriaritsi, Tigania, Klimataria and Tourkolimnionas. These beaches are among the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia. Among them, would like to choose the most beautiful beach, Klimataria, which is perfect for families with children because of the very fine sand and long shallow.

Apart from these beaches there are small beaches Limanaki, Linaraki, great beachSikia, Griavas, Valti i Agridia. All these beaches are beautiful, sandy up to 25km distance from Toroni. Further details of these beaches, read by clicking on the name of the beach.

On the other hand, west from Toroni (towards Neos Marmaras) the beaches Destenika, Tristinika, Aretes are lined up. Destenika can be reached by foot from Toroni. It is a beach of the same characteristics as the local beach, but smaller and less crowded. Tristinika is also similar, but much larger than Destenika, very broad, with a beautiful sea, always clean and always quiet and without crowd.

Beach of Aretes is 5km away from Toroni. Dirt road partly leads to it and you should drive slowly, but the beach is great. Sandy and with a calm sea, ideal for those who have their own equipment and may want to enjoy less commercial beaches, which on Sithonia, still, are in large numbers.

When we described the coast between Neos Marmaras and Toroni we stated that there is an old path that goes along a very interesting coast. If you have the time and love to ride winding roads along the sea, through a wooded area, then be sure to turn the main road just behind Toroni, at the table that says Azapiko and drive all the way to complex Porto Carras in Neos Marmaras. In this area you will see many wild beaches and bays, beautiful houses and apartments in a fantastic natural environment, large areas of larch forest. You can go to the beach which is known for Las Bandidas bar and enjoy a bit of the Latino sounds, or to isolate at some of the wild bays. Visit the beach Agia Kiriaki or perhaps a small beach in front of the sme named hotel, Likithos.

In Neos Marmaras you can visit mentioned, luxurious resort of Porto Carras for which is paid the entrance 3-10€ per person depending on the period of the season and you can swim at a greatm arranged beach Kohi, within the complex. You can visit Neos Marmaras in the evening as it is known for its excellent and very vibrant atmosphere.

After Neos Marmaras you will come across the famous beach Lagomandra, which is about 25km from Toroni. This beach is known for its abundance of natural shade.

Five kilometers after Lagomandra and about 30km from Toroni is one of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia - Kalogria. In its neabyr and within a walking distance from it there are beautiful beaches Koviou and Spathies (small and large). Another one kilometer away is the one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia, Agios Ioannis.

As you can see, at the area from 30km to the east and the south compared to Toroni you can visit the large number of beaches, of which we would allocate as the most beautiful: Kalamitsi, Klimataria, Tourkolimnionas, Tigania and Kriaritsi towards Sarti, and Destenika, Tristinika, Aretes, Lagomandra, Kalogria, Koviou and Agios Ioannis towards Marmaras and Nikiti.