Many tourists come to Sithonia year after year, and they always visit the same locations and beaches. However, we highly recommend giving some less popular places a chance. This way, you will see Sithonia in an entirely new light, quite possibly the true one.

For example, a very interesting place to visit is Old Nikiti, especially during the evening. We advise you to stay there until it’s dark because that’s when this town really comes alive, specifically its small square. Barkarola cafe or a restaurant are amazing for a nice and romantic evening.

Parthenonas is a village above Neos Marmaras, with a gorgeous sea view. Pauls tavern or a cafe at the top of the village are perfect spots for relaxing. You should visit this place during the day or while the sun sets.

Agios Nikolaos is a bit more traditional village and the atmosphere in its main square is something we really love, but if you prefer less crowd, we recommend Metagitsi. A small square, a peaceful and relaxed mood and Klimataria restaurant. If you fancy some roast lamb, this will blow your mind.

Sithonia has so many beaches that it’s too hard to make a list of the best ones. Unfortunately, the nicest ones are usually the worst to visit, epecially during the peak of the holiday season because of crowds.

So, instead of Orange visit Mega Portokali, instead of Karidi, visit Fava, instead of Klimataria visit Toukolimnionas. Sykia is full of nice and less popular beaches. Also make sure to visit Kriaritsi, Agridia, Pigadiki, Tigania.

Near Neos Marmaras, instead of the greatly popular Lagomandra, visit Agia Kiriaki or Las Bandidas. On the east side there are many beautiful but unpopular beaches, and our favorite is Rodia. It’s a bit harder to reach, but it’s great.

Platanitsi is also an amazing beach, and it’s near Sarti.

Trani Ammouda is a very nice beach which also happens to be long enough to never be crowded.

Near Nikiti, there is Koviou beach, which is a bit less visited than Kalogria, but if you want a more private atmosphere, then it’s best for you to visit Castri beach.

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