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olympiada thessaloniki 3
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Olympiada is a small place in a Thessaloniki region. Between hills and greenery, this place has not yet been affected by mass tourism, and there's still not to many accommodation facilities. Except for the beautiful beaches in the close proximity, the Olympiada is known for having been named after the...

Thessaloniki walking area
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Šetalište u Solunu

The Thessaloniki promenade is exactly 6 km long, and the old part meets the new part by the White Tower. The new part of the promenade starts by the White Tower and it goes all the way to the Concert hall. This space of 250,000 m2 includes about 2500 trees,...

nimfopetres greece (4)
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Nimfopetres - an unusual park

If you're planning your summer vacation in the Thessaloniki region or you're travelling in the direction of Kavala and Thassos, we suggest taking a small break by the lake Volvi, and all you need to do is make a small turn from the Egnatia highway to a park named...

waterland thessaloniki (4)
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Waterland water park in Thessaloniki

Waterland water park in Thessaloniki is located outside of town, near Mediterranean Cosmos shopping center. The park is not very new, but it's well kept, clean and neat and every summer it's a pleasure to many, both children and adults. In case you've visited some big water parks in Turkey and...

Zejtinlik - Sprsko vojničko groblje 5
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Zejtinlik - Sprsko vojničko groblje

"Velika ženo,  Na tvome grobu umesto cveća Srpska zahvalnost večno će cvati Za tvoja dela u tvoje ime  Pokolenja će daleka znati" Rusko groblje je uređeno u okviru srpskog partizanskog groblja i tu je sahranjeno 493 vojnika pripadnika Ruskog dobrovoljačkog odreda koji se borio na Solunskom frontu.  Ukoliko ste u prilici da posetite Grčku, bilo...

panorama thessaloniki (34)
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Ano Poli - Old town of Thessaloniki

In the spring, before the heat starts, it's time to explore the inland of Thessaloniki. As soon as the temperature rises, the distance from the sea is not too pleasant. The Old Town of Thessaloniki or Ano Poli, most commonly called by the Greeks, is interesting to visit, but only...

arnaia greece (7)

Arnea is a very vivid town located about 70km from Thessaloniki and 38km from Poligiros. Earlier it belonged to Chalkidiki, and since 2011 to the municipality of Aristotelis. The city has about 7,000 inhabitants and is located at 600m above sea level, on the north side of the Holomontas Mountain. Due...

ble bread and sweets thessaloniki  (6)
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Ble - Bread & Sweets

One of the best confectioneries in Thessaloniki. It is located in Agia Sofia, near White Tower and the sea. Apart from being very tasty, cakes and tortes are real works of art in their appearance. Prices of cakes are from 2-5 euros, but they are worth every cent. In addition to...

estia bakery thessaloniki  (1)
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Estia bakery

Pastery shop and bakery - all in one! Definitely it is one of the best, even the best bakery in Thessaloniki and whole Greece. Cookies and cakes are real artworks. Not to talk about the taste! You should try it at least once! It is good to know that the service...

weekend in thessaloniki  (1)
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Weekend in Thessaloniki

The huge amount of our guests, returning from their vacation, are spending one or two days in Thessaloniki. It's a bit short time to completely search and get familiar with Thessaloniki, but it's still enough to see the most important places. For such a short stay, we do not recommend...