On this page, you will find all answers to the questions you often ask us about the island of Thassos.
Thassos offers more accessible, sandy beaches, beaches with shallows, opportunity to dive because the sea is transparent, a pleasant climate without much humidity and air that smells of pines and olives.

Thassos for the first time? Find out what to visit, which beaches to go to, and what not to miss.

The advice is to make a good choice of the beaches you will visit. You can see our guide for that and an article For the First time on Thassos.

We also suggest next:
- To visit one or more traditional villages because those villages are the soul of Thassos. We suggest Panagia and Theologs, and Casaviti is also interesting;
- To visit the monastery of St. Archangel Michael;
- To buy olive oil because it is very high quality and affordable\, dry Troumpa olives that are characteristic only for Thassos and pine honey for which Thassos is widely known. See the contacts of small producers of local products here.
There are many beaches but, for the first time and ten days, the following are:
-If your accommodation is in or near Limenas: Paradise Beach (video), Golden Beach, La Scala (video),
-if you like fancy places, Glifoneri (video) and Pahis (video),
-if you like natural shade, PsiliAmos (video), Saliara Beach with white marble (video), and Porto Vathy (video) are close, so you can swim in the one you like better). We also have a text on this topic where you can read about the most beautiful beaches around Limenas.
If your accommodation is in the south of the island, near Potos and Limenaria, you can visit San Antonio, Rosso Gremos, Psili Amos, and Notos. Read more in our text: Beaches near Potos and Limenaria. There are a lot more. It depends on how much you like an active holiday. :)
Note: we posted more about the beaches with links to each of them below.

Common question we get is what to choose Thassos or Lefkada?

Thassos if you like more accessible and sandy beaches, shallow beaches if you don’t prefer to drive a lot or, if you like diving because the sea is transparent.
Lefkada if you are active on vacation, you drive a lot, don’t mind sandy beaches and shallow, you are already a good swimmer, don’t mind the waves that are more common on Lefkada, if you like viewpoints and the turquoise sea, if you don’t like diving because the sea is milky blue, not transparent.

Which place to choose for your vacation in Thassos?

From peaceful and authentic places, we suggest Skala Maries, Skala Sotiros, and Pefkari. Pefkari is a quiet town right next to the beach, near Potos. Limenaria is also a good choice, a bigger but quiet place. Choose Limenas if you like long promenades. We suggest you read our text Which Place to Choose in Thassos.

Which place on Thassos is the most lively and offers activities in the evening, plenty of taverns, and shops?

Limenas, the capital. Limenaria and Potos are smaller and with fewer facilities. But they are very close to each other (4-5 km), plus Pefkari in between, so that combination is also good for you because you can use the facilities of all three places. Also, somewhere between these two places is the most popular night club Bolero, where you go after midnight when the music in the cafes in the city quiets down. If you are choosing between these three cities, see our text Which places to choose Potos, Limenaria or Limenas.
If you want to visit popular beaches but don’t want to drive too long to get to them, we think it’s best to choose Limenas, the capital, and then Potos as your base. See the most beautiful beaches around LImenas and Potos in our guide.

We have the best offer of accommodation on Thassos, more than 700 accommodation see HERE.

Top 10 most beautiful beaches on Thassos

Which beaches on Thassos are the most beautiful is the most common question. We will list them here with a distance from main cities:
Paradise Beach - 30 km from Potos or 24 km from Limenas
Mermerna (Saliara) - 4km from Makriamos
Makriamos - 2km along the east coast from Limenas
Golden Beach - about 40km from Potos\\, on the east coast and 14km from Limenas
Aliki - 20km east of Potos
Psili Amos - 7km east of Potos
Pahis - 10 km from Limenas to the west and 42 km from Potos
La Scala - 4km from Limenas towards Limenaria
Notos - 1\,5km from Potos along the east coast
Trypiti - 2\,5km from Limenaria to the west
By clicking on the link, you can read more about each of the mentioned beaches or in the text on the link here.

Are there any beaches that are not crowded?

It depends on the period you are on vacation. In June and September, there are many such. In August in the middle of the bay Golden Beach, Trypiti, Papalimani, Glikadi, Livadi, and Pefkari. They are not the most beautiful beaches, but they are decent.
Skala Sotiros has a nice town beach, nicer than any other place on the west coast of Thassos. The beach is sandy and wide enough, the sea is clean, and the depth is gradual. The beach is not big, but it is enough for tourists in this small place. One part is organized, with sunbeds, and one part is free. Also, the sea is very calm in this part of the island.
Click HERE to see all the beaches on Thassos and how to get there.

Is it possible to go to the beaches of Thassos by car?
Yes, all the beaches on the island are accessible by car, and it is possible to park close. In our text, see a detailed description of how to access each beach on Thassos.

Vacation with children on Thassos

Thassos is a great option for families with children, but you should choose the right place depending on what kind of beach you like, and what you want it to have in terms of content.
Places that are suitable for families with small children:
- Skala Potamia - a quiet place with a sandy beach and a long shallow
- Golden Beach - very similar to Skala Potamia\, it is the same bay in question
- Pahis Beach - a sandy beach with natural shade and shallow water
- Potos - decent beach and a bit livelier place\, with many beaches suitable for children (Roso Gremos\, Notos\, Psili Ammos\, San Antonio) in the surrounding area.
- Limenas have more facilities for children (amusement park, park).
Skala Potamia has a much nicer beach with a long shallow.
- There is no wind in the west and south of the island\, so look for accommodation near Atspas Beach (Skala Maries).

If you want to be with children on beaches with natural shade, read more here, and more about choosing a place in the text Thassos - the perfect choice for families with children.

What is the principle of booking an apartment on Thassos?

First, you choose the accommodation that you like best in our offer on Thassos in terms that suit you. As we confirm that it is available, we will send you an invoice for the payment of a deposit of (20-30%) to the owner’s account. Upon payment, you receive a voucher and the rest you pay on the spot again to the owner. Read more about the booking process here.

What kind of weather can we expect in Thassos in the pre-season? Is it possible to swim?

A common question is about the weather in this period and the temperature of the sea. Unfortunately, we cannot know the answer because, especially in recent years, there are no rules.
We can say that the average temperatures in June are around 26 degrees, and the water temperature is around 23. During the night the temperature drops to 17 degrees, but it can be hotter and colder. Vacationing in the pre-season is always a bit of a risk. It is important to know that in June you must bring warm clothes, sneakers, and thin jackets for evening walks.
There are swimmers in June, but not in large numbers. Read more about the climate in Thassos.
To better plan your vacation, see the average sea temperatures for each place in Greece. And before departure, the weather forecast for every place in Greece.

Ferry trip to Thassos

There are ferries to the island from Kavala and Keramoti. It is possible to board a ferry from Kavala to Skala Prinos and from Keramoti to Limenas. Driving on the route Kavala - Skala Prinos takes 75 minutes and from Keramoti - Limenas takes 35 minutes.
Does the ferry to Thassos have to be booked in advance?
It is not possible to book the ferry in advance as the departures are every half hour. An online booking option does not exist. Waiting time is never more than half an hour at worst.

Read more about ferries and prices for passengers and cars HERE.

Is there public transport in Thassos?

If you don’t have your own or a rented vehicle on Thassos, there is public transport that operates according to a precisely determined timetable. Tickets can be bought on the bus. At the station, you have a posted timetable, and after getting on the bus, you can arrange a return trip with the driver. Departures are not frequent and are not suitable for tourists and beaches, but you can take advantage of them and visit the most popular beaches. Read more about bus transport on Thassos here.

Prices on Thassos

Apartment prices are higher by 10-20% compared to the previous season, although we must say that the accommodation is of approximately the same quality, it is cheaper on Thassos than on Sithonia, and quite a lot, so we vote for Thassos.
Are the accommodation prices fixed or is it more favorable if you pay in the winter period?
Prices are mostly fixed. Owners sometimes grant discounts for longer stays or multiple families. We believe that it is always better to book as early as possible. The reason for that is the choice of accommodation is bigger, and affordable accommodations are available. Before the summer, there are only accommodations that others did not want and that have a poor price-quality ratio.
Of course, you can fall into some favorable accommodation due to cancellation or get a last-minute discount, but that is a risk. Mostly, those who wait until the last minute to book fare worse.

The most comprehensive offer of accommodation in Thassos find HERE.

Are there enough shops on Thassos? What are the prices?

You will be able to get groceries in all the major towns of Thassos without any problems. Of course, the larger the place, the greater the number and type of shops. In our text here, see which markets exist, and what are the current prices on Thassos. Prices will be updated before the start of the season.

Are there nudist beaches in Thassos?

There are no strictly nudist beaches on Thassos, but there are parts of the beach used by nudists. On Thassos, these are the wild coves near Skala Maries, on Paradise Beach the left part near the rocks, as well as the wild coves between Pefkari and Limenaria. See also this text of ours on that topic.

Other questions about Thassos

Are there always bees/wasps on Thassos?
There aren’t any all the time, they aren’t everywhere on the island and there is no rule as to whether there will be or not. It probably depends on the rain and some other climatic factors.

Is it possible to be baptized in the monastery of Saint Archangel on Thassos?
Unfortunately no.

Which accommodation on Thassos do you think is the most beautiful?
Difficult question. We couldn’t decide on one, because we have several favorites, and maybe none of them have everything we love. But, let’s say that Makriyamos bungalows are a great choice because they are separate houses, there is shade and they are located on a beautiful beach. Akti Belvedere in Pahis because of the beach with natural shade, Chorozi also because of the beach with natural shade, Christin in Potos because of the good location and hygiene, Aventura bungalows because of the environment, peace, and luxury. We also like some small and modest houses that are located right next to the sea but with a worse beach.

Do Dolphins accommodate Kiniri, your opinion?
Dolphin is simple accommodation in a fantastic location in the sense that it is right by the sea, waking up to the sound of the waves. The beach in front of the house has larger pebbles, and some units are very cramped, but everyone who goes to this accommodation goes because of the peace and proximity to the sea and the beautiful nature around. Kinira is a very small place. There is no promenade or center and almost no facilities, so it is ideal for those who like to be a little more isolated from the crowd.

The most comprehensive offer of accommodation in Thassos find HERE.

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